Datsyuk and Bertuzzi Make Niemi Look Foolish, Wings Lose Shootout

The Detroit Red Wings have now lost consecutive games in shootouts, yesterday to the Stars and today against the Chicago Blackhawks. While yesterday’s shootout was filled with controversy over Steve Ott’s phantom goal, today featured a couple highlight reel goals from Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi.

Datsyuk pulled a move out from the book of Linus Omark, and certainly did not disappoint. He lobbed up a real soft shot that completely fooled Antti Niemi. Later, Todd Bertuzzi pulls off some magic as he went for the spin-o-rama and buried it beautifully. While a couple of the Red Wings stars came up big on national tv for the shootout, they were not fortunate enough to win. The point will certainly help as Detroit hunts for a playoff spot, but they narrowly missed two more points this weekend and they could have desperately used each one.

Here’s a video of both goals from today in case you missed them:


  1. That Datsyuk goal was silly. I guarantee you Bertuzzi would have pulled that exact same move off in yesterday’s shootout against Dallas but he had the puck poke-checked away from him.

    I didn’t get to watch the game, but I heard it was a good one with a lot of back-and-forth action. I’m just glad that we finally scored a couple against Chicago and didn’t get shut out again. Hopefully the Wings can keep racking up some points and get into the playoff hunt. Getting Franzen back after the Olympics will help considerably as well.

  2. Does anybody (EB, Chris, Eddie) know when Kronwall is
    due back and if he plans to play on Swedish Olympic team. Or will he continue his rehab and play again when
    NHL season resumes.

  3. Not sure when he is expected back, but he started skating again. Not hard of course. With that being known, I do not think he will be back for the Olympics. Reports are saying Kronwall’s recovery is coming along slower than expected.

  4. What I’ve read about Kronwall indicates that his knee initially wasn’t coming along as quickly as they had hoped. I guess he had even seen some specialists to make sure there is no significant damage to the knee and got good news on that front. But he has been skating the past few days and feels upbeat about how his knee is reacting, although there is still no set time-table for his return.

    FYI regarding Franzen, I heard his expected return date is March 1, or pretty soon after the Olympic break.

  5. An article on mlive yesterday had Kronwall saying:

    “If I keep progressing like I have, I would think within the next week is something I would shoot for,” Kronwall said. “I got to get the lungs back, the legs back underneath me. It’s a big difference when you skate.”

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