CCM RBZ 80 LE Stick

CCM is preparing the launch of a new limited edition stick, and it looks like they will be jumping away from the white/red/black look of its RBZ line for the upcoming CCM RBZ 80 LE stick.

The RBZ 80 Limited Edition stick, with release date still unknown, features much more blue in the design, rather than the red typically seen on the RBZ line of sticks.

Besides the brand new look, we expect the stick to perform the same as the standard RBZ 80 stick. The stick will utilize CCM’s SpeedBlade 2 technology, as well as the Freak Channels. It is the lowest price point stick in the line-up to carry these features.

The RBZ 80 LE stick is also expected to have the same fused two piece setup, along with a variable kick point which flexes the shaft depending on where you hold your hands. The weight of this stick is around 490 grams, so while its not elite territory, its still pretty solid.

Take a look at the CCM RBZ 80 LE stick below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like this limited edition design more than the original RBZ 80?

CCM RBZ 80 LE Stick


CCM RBZ 80 Limited Edition Sticks


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