Easton Synergy HSX Pants

Easton has introduced a brand new line of pants this summer, with the Easton Synergy HSX Pants falling in as the flagship model. Being the top of the line model, Easton has surely aimed for top of the line construction and material, all the while maintaining maximum protection.

The Easton Synergy HSX pants offer a traditional ice hockey pant fit, meaning they have a fair amount of volume throughout the hips and legs. These Synergy HSX pants will offer Easton’s HyperSkin Fit System which allows the pants to be more responsive all the while maintaining excellent mobility. The HyperSkin Fit System can also be described as a “Pant in Pant” setup.

Easton has used their A.R.C. liner on the Synergy HSX pants. This Air Released Channel liner wicks away moisture and offers strategic exit channels. These exit channels act as airway passages to maximize airflow and cooling while you skate.

In terms of protection, these pants are loaded. They feature a spine pad made of high density e-cell foam to provide enhanced protection while being lightweight. The belly pad of the Synergy HSX pants will use the same materials. The kidney pads are segmented high density foams with HDPE plastic inserts, while the tailbone pad uses medium density foam and the same inserts. Thigh pads are constructed with a thicker medium density foam and ribbed inserts, with an addition of e-cell foam in the rear portion of the thigh. The shell is constructed with extra strong nylon to maintain great durability and there are additional reinforcements included in the higher abrasion areas.

The Easton Synergy HSX pants are now available from IceWarehouse.com. You can pick them up today for only $159.99, click here to buy yours! Check out the Easton Synergy HSX pants below and let us know what you think. Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts today!

Easton Synergy HSX Pants


  1. Horrible looking!! I don’t know why they stopped using a lacing system. We don;t want hi-tech crud. We want simple, easy, comfortable and adjustable.

  2. Honestly, I think theyre kinda ugly, and wont spend over $100 on a pair of pants. Coming from my first pair of pants, Warrior Pro Series to the Easton Stealth RS, I fell in love with the Eastons. Mainly because of the Dual-Belt system, and the added tailbone flap on the inside that the Warriors didnt have. They dont fold up like most pants I guess, but thats because of all the added padding that my old pants didnt. I probably wont ever buy another pair of pants besides the Stealth RS, unless maybe to upgrade to the Stealth RS2 as long as I can find a place to buy them. Plus they were only about $80.

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