Oneiric vs CCM, Bauer, and Shock Doctor: Base Layer Pants Comparison Review

The hockey world is filled with so many different types of base layers, it’s hard to keep track of all of the good ones. With that in mind, we’re going to compare the Oneiric Origin base layer pants with similar offerings from CCM, Bauer, and Shock Doctor, to see who offers the most in this base layer pants comparison review.

Oneiric Origin Review

The Oneiric Origin base layer pants are a one-of-a-kind product that actually gained their big break by appearing on Dragons’ Den in Canada. Now, the Origin pants aren’t so unique because they’re a base layer pant. What makes them unique are the features incorporated into the base layer. Here’s a look at what they offer:

  1. Built in Shin Pad Sleeves – Quickly and easily slide your shin pads into place without having to use straps or tape. The shin pads are securely held in place and the design makes dressing for games incredibly simple. This setups is especially beneficial to younger children.
  2. Skate Blade Cut Protection – The Origin base layer pants are designed with cut resistant material from the ankle to lower calf region for extra protection against skate blades.
  3. Extra Leg Protection – Lightweight padding has been added to the back of the calf, as well as the back of the thigh, to deliver extra protection against slashes you may face out on the rink.

In addition to the awesome benefits above, the Origin base layer pants offer some of the more traditional base layer features as well. They start with a compression fit that allows freedom of movement while you’re out on the ice. Velcro on the upper thigh is included to keep your socks locked in place while mesh panels help to enhance airflow and breathability. The material used is also quick drying and contains anti-microbial properties to prevent bacteria build-up and growth.

The mens version of the Origin base layer includes a removable protective cup, while the womens version comes with a removable pelvic protector. Additionally, the Oneiric Origin base layer is available in boys and girls sizes with a removable cup and pelvic protector, respectively.

No matter the age or gender, Oneiric has you covered with the Origin base layer. Female sizes range from XX-Small on the girls side to Extra Large on the women side. For males, sizes start at XX-Small for the boys and run all the way to XX-Large on the mens side.

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CCM Pro Compression Jock Pants Review

CCM has a tremendous amount of brand recognition when it comes to hockey gear, and has been developing outstanding gear for decades now. When it comes to their Pro Compression Jock Pants, they’ve been adding more and more features over the years to try to match everything the competition is doing.

Starting with the construction, the CCM base layer uses antimicrobial fabric which not only helps to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria, but also helps to evaporate sweat, wick away moisture, and keep you cool and dry all game long. Moving into the fit, CCM offers an anatomical and close to the body fit allowing you to freely move without any restrictions.

Throughout the pants you will find breathable mesh zones for eliminating heat and transferring moisture for temperature regulation. You can also find a strap free jock system on the inside, and finally, CCM has included cut-resistant material over the calfs and achilles area to help prevent any devastating cuts.

Both junior and senior sizes are available for the CCM Pro Compression Jock. The senior size will set you back $74.99 The junior size, on the other hand, sells for $89.99.

Bauer 37.5 Premium Compression Hockey Jock Pant Review:  

Bauer Hockey is another company that is very well known for producing exceptional hockey gear. Their premium base layer is constructed using 37.5 material which uses body heat to help evaporate sweat. Beyond that, their compression base layer is not the most feature rich, but does come with the basics.

Beyond 37.5, the material has been integrated with Sanitized Technology to prevent growth of odor causing bacteria. Mesh inserts are included to help maximize air flow and keep you cool out on the rink. They’ve also included velcro straps to attach your socks to.

Pricing isn’t bad for the Bauer 37.5 Premium Compression base layer. The senior size runs $69.99 and features sizes from XS to XXL and the junior sizes run $64.99 covering sizes XS to XL.

Shock Doctor Core Hockey Jock Pants Review:

Shock Doctor is well known for producing quality protective wear, and the Shock Doctor hockey jock pants are no exception. Their main feature, besides being a compression fit full length hockey jock, is the cup. The core flex pocket included on the Shock Doctor pants is designed to position the cup closer, offering more protection, with a more comfortable fit. Shock Doctor’s BioFlex cup is also included, offering you high level protection.

The Shock Doctor core hockey jock pants are constructed using four-way stretch material along with moisture wicking fabric. The pants feature an anti-microbial treatment as well. Finally, on the legs you’ll find a silicon overlay to help keep your shin pads locked in place, as well as velcro for keeping your hockey socks in place.

Shock Doctor’s compression base layer is the cheapest of the bunch. On the junior side, you can grab sizes ranging from small to large. On the senior size, however, sizes start at XS and go all the way to XXL. Regardless of the size, its going to set you back only $39.99 to pick up the Shock Doctor Core hockey jock pants.

Who’s the winner?

When comparing the compression base layers from Oneiric, CCM, Bauer, and Shock Doctor, it’s quite apparent that the Oneiric Origin base layer takes the cake when it comes to features. Their system with built in shin pad holders, extra padding in strategically placed areas, and a cut resistant achilles area really helps to set it apart from the competition. In addition to all of those great features, they also cover the basics of a sweat wicking base layer quite well. At $99.99 for the senior size base layer, they’re more expensive than the competition, but justify it with a well rounded product that covers all the bases.

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