Conquest Hockey Virtuoso 2.0 Hat Review

Conquest Hockey Vantage Collection

Since their inception, Conquest Hockey has been providing incredible hockey focused apparel for those players who are looking to be the best athlete and human they can be. Their existence is fueled by hard workers and winners, those that understand they have to endure the long and hard road to become a champion.

Along that road, Conquest Hockey has delivered on several successful product launches including the all new Vantage Spring Collection. We were fortunate enough to receive a few pieces from the collection to review. Below is our full Conquest Hockey Virtuoso 2.0 Hat review.

The Virtuoso 2.0 hat is a snapback style hat with a curved bill. It has a performance mesh back for easy breathability. This hat is designed with an anti-sweat stain performance material, and includes an integrated sweatband, making it the perfect lid for working out or taking into the summer heat.

As much as I have enjoyed the apparel, Conquest Hockey hats have probably been my favorite pieces to wear. The Virtuoso 2.0 is clearly another home run in the lid department and the upgrades to it are phenomenal. The new integrated sweatband is not only extremely functional, but it also makes the hat incredibly comfortable too.

Beyond the functionality, the Virtuoso 2.0 hat looks awesome. I love that it comes with a pre-curved bill, and the curve it delivers is spot on. The navy blue color of the hat is also very attractive and pair well with a lot of different outfits. If blue isn’t your color, the hat also comes in grey, black, or black/white.

If you’re looking to pick up a new Virtuoso 2.0 hat from Conquest Hockey, or want to check out the rest of the Vantage Spring Collection, head on over to Don’t forget, you can save 15% on your order by using the coupon code HOCKEYWORLD15, so don’t forget to add that coupon code when you check out!

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