Conquest Hockey Wrap-Around Hoodie Review

Conquest Hockey Vantage Collection

Since their inception, Conquest Hockey has been providing incredible hockey focused apparel for those players who are looking to be the best athlete and human they can be. Their existence is fueled by hard workers and winners, those that understand they have to endure the long and hard road to become a champion.

Along that road, Conquest Hockey has delivered on several successful product launches. The latest is their new Vantage Spring Collection. We were fortunate to recieve a few pieces from the collection to review. Below is our full Conquest Hockey Wrap-Around hoodie review.

The Wrap-Around is a stylish hoodie designed for performance or everyday wear using breathable and sweat wicking materials. It’s composed of a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex, making it soft with just enough stretch.

Conquest puts their own spin on it with the addition of double front zipper pockets, rather than traditional hoodie pockets. This means you’re going to be able to put your keys, wallet, or other accessories in the pockets and not worry about them falling out. They have also put other nice touches on the hoodie by tapering the waist to eliminate bagginess, splitting the side seam, and adding a rounded scoop bottom.

What has always blown me away about Conquest products is the incredible quality. The Wrap-Around hoodie is certainly no exception. It’s incredibly comfortable, and plenty warm, making it the perfect companion for training in cooler weather, keeping muscles warm prior to training, or just wearing around on a cool summer night.

When it comes to sizing, the lesson I’ve learned on most Conquest tops is to size up. Since I have a longer torso to cover and like my tops to fit a bit looser, I size up beyond what is recommended on the Conquest website. In a normal hoodie, I would typically wear a size large. For the Wrap-around hoodie, I went with an XL and found the sizing to be perfect. It provides the fit I desired, and is extremely comfortable to wear and move around in.

At the end of the day, the Wrap-Around hoodie is a no brainer to add to your collection of Conquest apparel. It’s an awesome multifunctional sweater that you will end up wanting to keep with you wherever you go.

If you want to pick up a Wrap-Around hoodie from Conquest Hockey, head over to You can grab the hoodie today and save 15% on your order by using the coupon code HockeyWorld15. Check them out and grab yours now!

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