Project Rock 3 Training Shoes Review

Project Rock 3 Training Shoes

The Under Armour Project Rock 3 training shoes are the third iteration of the popular training shoes from Under Armour’s collaboration with Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. Being in the third generation, these training shoes have seen tremendous refinements over the years, and incorporate some of Under Armour’s best technology. I have personally purchased and used each generation of Project Rock shoes, so I’ve been able to see how far these have come. Below is my full Project Rock 3 Training Shoes review, specifically from the eyes of a hockey player and performing exercises that a hockey player might.


The Project Rock 3 training shoes are built around Under Armour’s HOVR technology, which is said to provide a “zero gravity feel.” It helps maintain energy return and eliminate impact. There’s also a compression mesh energy web which contains and molds the HOVR foam and ultimately give back the energy that you put in.

UA’s Tribase technology on the outsole maximizes ground contact and helps to promote a natural motion. The Tribase system also provides flexibility to grip during lifts. The outsole is also full rubber for top notch traction and durability.

Moving into the upper, you have a knit bootie construction for a snug and comfortable fit. A unique lacing structure helps give you that locked-in fit and feel, so no worries about slipping during complex lifts or movements. An external heel counter combined with stability chassis help create a stable and supported base.


My foot shape seems to fit best in a medium to medium-high volume skate. I have a wider foot, and definitely need that extra space in a skate to accomodate. Similarly, I’m typically looking for a medium to wide shoe to best fit my needs.

The Project Rock 3 shoes offer just that type of fit in my opinion, and it’s a large improvement over the past versions. Specifically in the Project Rock 2 training shoes, I would have issues with the shoe being too narrow. It eventually led to me having some tingling in the toes of my left foot after workouts, and that was something I was not comfortable with.

In the Project Rock 3 shoes, you have that knit bootie construction which offers a tremendous amount of flexibility for your foot. It really helps the shoe to sort of mold to your feet, and you might even describe it as a more sock-like fit. This is incredibly beneficial because you get a locked in fit with no slip, but at the same time its not overly tight. It’s snug and comfortable.

The Under Armour site does suggest that you go up a half size on the Project Rock 3 shoes, and that’s exactly what I did with this version to get such a solid fit for my foot.


The Project Rock 3 shoes perform incredibly well during training routines in my experience. The Tribase design is what brings everything together. It uses 3 points of contact for a low and stable base. Throughout any lift or movement, I felt incredibly planted to the ground and incredibly stable. This also helps you to generate a great amount of power on every lift, especially during movements like squats or deadlifts. The amount of stability and power I felt is something that hasn’t been matched in my previous training shoes (Nike Free and Adidas Boost).

Because of the stablility offered from the Tribase design, you can definitely maximize your workouts in the Project Rock 3 shoes. Not only are they great for power lifting exercises, but the design makes them terrific for plyometric based movements as well. As a hockey player, these types of explosive movements are crucial to our workouts. Moves like box jumps, skater jumps, jump squats, etc., are all done comfortably and efficiently in the Project Rock 3 training shoes.

Project Rock 3 Training Shoes - Tribase

The cushioning system for the Project Rock 3 shoes comes from Under Armour’s HOVR technology. What this offers to me is a soft and comfortable base to stand in. You’re not going to get the same kind of cushioning that something like Adidas Boost technology offers, or perhaps even that of UA’s other HOVR running shoes. It’s application here is different. It’s not meant to feel like a running shoe, so it doesn’t. The addition of HOVR technology, however, does make the shoes that much more comfortable than the Project Rock 1, which did not include this tech.

What’s not so good?

If you’re anything like me, you try to mix in a bit of cardio after your weight training sessions. Unfortunately, this is the only area where I have been disappointed in the Project Rock 3 shoes. The only real complaint I have is that these are not “do it all” shoes, and to some extent that is to be expected.

After a good workout, I try to finish off my session with running sprints on the treadmill. Unfortunately, I always need to have a pair of running shoes with me as well because the Project Rock 3 shoes simply are not made for that. I’m not trying to say it’s impossible to do. You may be able to run sprints just fine in these shoes, but for me personally, it just doesn’t work. The same Tribase design that helps them perform so well in other areas kind of makes it clunky as a runner. It feels big and wide, and not at all as flexible as I would like to run sprints.

Overall Impressions

At the time of writing, I have worn the Project Rock 3 training shoes for more than 30 workouts, and loved using them in every one. While I have yet to try popular training shoes such as the Nike Metcon or Reebok Nano, I don’t really see much reason to switch. The PR3 shoes give me just about everything I could ask for out of a training shoe, and I’m most pleased with the stability they provide. Another shoe might be the “do it all” training shoe that these are not, but for now, I’m happy to be using a dedicated running shoe for sprints, and the Project Rock 3’s for all of my other hockey training needs.

Where to Buy?

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of Project Rock 3 training shoes to enhance your hockey training, head over to the Under Armour website. You can scoop up a pair of PR3’s for only $140, plus you get free shipping and free returns/exchanges with your order.

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