Tour Code LG9 Roller Hockey Skates

Tour Hockey has launched their latest line of Code skates featuring the Tour Code LG9 roller hockey skates as the elite level entry.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Tour Code LG9 roller hockey skates would be the incredible eye-catching graphics. The graphics, Tour says, are to pay tribute to legendary roller hockey player, and Tour athlete, CJ Yoder.

Moving on to the construction of the Tour Code LG9 skates, the boot is designed with Vorrac which uses an advanced thermolayer composition to help reduce weight while providing great energy transfer with each stride. The boot is, of course, heat moldable for a customized fit around your foot.

Inside the boot, the Tour Code LG9 skates offer an Accuaire liner for its comfort and moisture wicking properties. The skates also feature extra plush foam ankle pads for extreme comfort inside the boot.

In front, the Tour Code LG9 skates feature an A.M.F tongue. This stands for Anti-Lacebite, Multi-Fit Layered Foam. With the A.M.F tongue, you’ll have plenty of protection for your foot, but will also have an extremely comfortable fit.

Beneath your foot, the Tour Code LG9 roller hockey skates will feature a composite matrix outsole, a perfect complement to the Vorrac boot, and another great way to enhance energy transfer. Not only that, but it’s great for enhanced agility, as well as improved durability over lower quality outsoles.

Attached to the composite outsole is a one-piece Hum’er Eviction Pro 3 frame. The chassis will utilize Kemistry Cyclonium wheels in an all 80mm setup. The wheels are perfect for sport court surfaces and feature a dual durometer and 76A hardness rating. Meanwhile, the all 80mm setup will be great for players who have an emphasis of speed in their game. The wheels are spinning on Bevo ABEC 9 bearings to give you a good amount of spin.

The all-new Tour Code LG9 skates are currently available for purchase from our friends at Inline Warehouse for $449.99. Click here to grab yours today!

Tour Code LG9 Roller Hockey Skates

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