Bauer Nexus Sync Stick

Bauer is on the verge of releasing their most advanced Nexus stick ever, the Bauer Nexus Sync stick. Let’s dive in and take a look at everything that makes the Bauer Nexus Sync stick special.

The Bauer Nexus Sync stick features tons of pro level technology. It was designed and engineered in a way to offer a better connection between the stick and the player.

One way to achieve this connection on the Bauer Nexus Sync stick was with the all new ConnecTech blade technology. This technology features a responsive rubber layer that runs throughout the entire stick. It’s purpose is to help enhance feel and connect the player to the stick even further.

The Bauer Nexus Sync stick also features ACL 2.0 shaft technology, which is Bauer’s next iteration on their Advanced Carbon Layering technique. The ACL 2.0 shaft includes ultra light carbon fiber which is weaved and layered in a very strategic manner to improve strength while reducing weight. As a result, the Bauer Nexus Sync stick weighs only 365 grams for a senior model.

Another feature on the Bauer Nexus Sync stick is the ER Spine technology. You may be familiar with this from other Bauer sticks, but the ER Spine is a 5 sided shaft shape which creates a “spine” down the back of the shaft. This design geometry is used to reduce the amount of carbon fiber in a key loading zone and ultimately results in a lower weight, quicker energy transfer, and easier loads and releases on the Nexus Sync stick.

The Bauer Nexus Sync stick is, of course, a mid-kick stick, and designed for Elite level players. It will be offered in popular P88, P92, P28, and P92M blade patterns, and available in various flexes and lengths from adult sizes to youth sizes.

Keep an eye out for the Bauer Nexus Sync stick at retailers everywhere, as it should at the end of July, 2022.

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Bauer Nexus Sync Stick

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