Warrior Novium Pro Stick

In the very near future, we’ll see a brand new stick line from Warrior Hockey released. Warrior already announced the new line and name, but today we’ll dive further into the details of the upcoming Warrior Novium Pro stick.

The Warrior Novium Pro stick begins with a Minimus Carbon 25 construction, making it lighter and stronger than ever. It uses a 25K carbon fiber weave to create a lightweight stick with improved feel of the puck as well as control.

Also helping to reduce weight of the Warrior Novium Pro stick is R.L.C. 199, or Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 199. This is the highest grade construction used in Warrior sticks, along with the most advanced materials – which exactly what you would expect in a top end stick. The lower weight carbon fibers combined with a thermoplastic-toughened epoxy resin result in improved puck feel, control, and shot velocity.

Warrior also upgraded the blade on the Warrior Novium Pro stick with the new Fuelcore Ultra blade. This new design helps to reduce the breakdown of materials in the blade and increase the durability and puck feel. Inside, a lightweight polymer blade core helps to enhance the puck feel and pop. Throwing in the Minimus Carbon 25 weave around the core of the blade has helped to make it even more responsible, while a special texture added to the blade improves grip on the puck.

The Warrior Novium Pro stick will feature a mid-kick flex profile and utilize a bevel taper which is designed to be stiffer through the taper. This will result in improved velocity on shots and enhanced control. It is rumored to weigh in at roughly 360 grams for a senior model stick.

The all-new Warrior Novium Pro stick will likely launch in November, 2022. It will be an elite level stick available in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes. Patterns available will include W03, W28, W88, and M03.

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Warrior Novium Pro Stick

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