Reebok 11k Ice Hockey Skates

A new picture of the latest Reebok ice hockey skates has been released. The skate is going to be called the Reebok 11k. Like the 9k, this skates design features an abundant amount of white. Reebok will still be including the pump feature in the 11k ice hockey skates as well. Enjoy the sneak peak.

Update: The Reebok 11k Skates are available now! Visit and grab them for $599.99.

Reebok 11k Ice Hockey Skates
Reebok 11k Ice Hockey Skates





9 responses to “Reebok 11k Ice Hockey Skates”

  1. b. Lee Avatar

    Forget Reebok. When are my Air Jordan ice skates coming out?

  2. Mark Avatar

    Saw these skates in a 3-ring dealer catalog. There will be 2 color versions: black with white trim, and the more traditional black with black trim. Solid-looking skate. The most important change from the old 9K is that the new 11K’s will have 4 or more foot width combinations, for more of a custom fit (ala Graf). They will also be lighter. Having multiple foot width configurations is a major development in the retail skate world. The old model (9K), along with basically all other skates on the public market (except for Graf), sell “one-size-fits-all” skates with only one foot type/width profile and they expect them to fit everyone — young, old, fat, skinny, pro, bantam, etc. That’s why so many people have foot pain issues (“Bauer bumps,” “lace bite”) with their skates – they simply don’t fit properly, i.e. instep too deep or shallow, wide toe box, narrow heel, etc. Once people realize that their new X60’s that all the college kids wear don’t really fit their feet, they will try a pair of custom-fit 11K’s and be shocked at how much better they can skate. Starting in early 2010 you will start to notice that alot more NHL’ers are wearing them.

  3. Matt Avatar

    That’s awesome, thanks for the excellent insight Mark! Will it only be their 11K’s that have multiple widths like that or will the whole line up of skates see the same feature?

    It seems like a lot of people now tend to buy skates based on the look or features when the number one priority for a new pair of skates should be finding a skate that fits your foot.

    I would love to see them do something like this for roller hockey skates as well. I’ve had a tough time finding a skate that fits as perfect as my ice skates do.

  4. John Avatar

    When will these skates be available to the public? I’ve been waiting awhile for reebok to come out with a legit new skate, not just prettier a 9k like they did before.

    1. Matt Avatar

      John, my guess would be late March or early April.

  5. jon Avatar

    i just bought a pair yesterday 🙂 they are wicked skates guys

    1. Matt Avatar

      Where were you able to buy them?

  6. Roman Avatar

    I saw the new RBK 11K at my local skate shop today…They will be out at most shops on January 15th…The local shop said they actually received their stock last week but RBK wanted everyone to keep them from public view until the 15th…

  7. John Avatar

    Hey Guys, Mark whats up with you? You cant compare a custom built skate to anyones retail version. I guarntee that if you took a custom X60 or whatever it would eat the 11k apart. Once again its a lighter 9k.

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