Bauer Vapor X:60 LE Ice Hockey Skate

I don’t know if you guys have been keeping track of Bauer’s product releases this year, but this is a pretty cool one. In addition to the Bauer Vapor X:60 ice hockey skate, they have also released a Bauer Vapor X:60 LE (limited edition) ice hockey skate.  It’s a top of the line skate, with the same features as the X:60, but the boot is all black and looks just like the boot on the Bauer Vapor RX:60 roller hockey skates.

Bauer Vapor X:60 LE

That’s a pretty slick looking set up that I wouldn’t mind sporting myself. The skates are priced like any other top level skate and will set you back $599.99. If you’re interested in these and have the money, you might want to jump on them quick. As with any other limited edition product, they will not be around forever. Check out IceWarehouse to get the Bauer Vapor X:60 LE ice hockey skate.

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