Reality TV Stars Take In Hockey Game

Back in November, I wrote about babes of the country music world taking in a hockey game.

Well it looks like reality stars are doing the same. I admit it, I’m a fan of the hit MTV show Jersey Shore. It’s one of my Thursday night must-see TV shows along with The Office, and 30 Rock.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, I can compare it to The Sopranos meets The Real World. There’s seven italian-american 20-somethings from various areas of the northeast (New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, etc.) and they live in a rented house, work at a t-shirt shop, and party all night long in front of television cameras.

Of course there’s the typical ingredients that make a reality television entertaining such as fights, drama, and hooking up. Alright enough about the show and on to why I’m writing this post. The cast of the show have been on a media blitz as of late as they have received high ratings and millions of viewers. They have been on ahows like The Today Show, Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately and others. While on the west coast, the females of the show, Jenni “J-Wow”, Angelina “Jolie” and Nicole “Snookie” took in a Kings- Ducks game earlier this week. You can tell they aren’t seasoned TV stars as they couldnt find the camera. Unlike the country music girls, I wouldn’t call the Jersey Shore girls “babes” but they are attractive looking girls. The footage, courtesy of Life In Hockeywood, can be seen below:

Jersey Shore Girls at Kings-Ducks Game

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