Crosby is a Douche T-Shirt

crosbyMost hockey fans either love Sidney Crosby, or they despise him. Red Wings fans, like us here at Hockey World Blog (except EB…I think), along with Capitals fans, will surely find this to be the perfect shirt to add to their spring and playoff wardrobe.

Anyway, pick one of these guys up and show off your style and complete lack of class at the next hockey game you attend!

Visit the danglesquad store to buy a Crosby is a Douche T-shirt.






3 responses to “Crosby is a Douche T-Shirt”

  1. b. Lee Avatar

    Crosby is “vaginal irrigation”

    Not sure I get it, but that’s never stopped me before (see: my D.A.R.E t-shirt)

  2. Chris Avatar

    Where can I get a Tshirt made with a picture of Pavel Datsyuk and a caption that says, “I trust my eyes to Dr. Rahmani. You should too.”

    1. cody Avatar


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