Tour Skate Deals at Inline Warehouse

Tour Code Tabu Roller Hockey Skates
Tour Code Tabu Roller Hockey Skates

Anyone looking to upgrade their skates before the summer roller hockey seasons begin, might want to head over to Inline Warehouse and check out the deal they have for the top two sets of Tour skates. Now, through May 9th, you can pick up either the Tour Code Tabu skates (pictured), or the Tour Cobalt Q skates, and get a pretty generous gift in return. With purchase of the Tabu, you’ll get a $100 gift certificate, and with the Cobalt Q, a $75 gift certificate, which you can put to use towards a future purchase.

There have been rumors that Tour has been cooking up something new that they’re getting ready to release in the coming months. We could very well see more deals on these skates in the future to help clear out inventory for the new release.

A skate that has already popped up briefly, then disappeared, is the Tour Code Tabu X Factor. However, this skate looked more like a refresh of the original, with only cosmetic differences, rather than a new skate altogether. But perhaps Tour will be duplicating last years product release method by holding on to the previous years top model, and lowering the price point. Then on top of that, we’ll see a brand new skate to take the reigns from the Code Tabu.

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