Bauer Supreme One100 LE Limited Edition Skate

I’m truly impressed with what Bauer has done with their products since being sold by Nike. After all the recent hype surrounding the Total One skates and stick, we’re now seeing another exciting product making the rounds. This skate, the Bauer Supreme One100 LE, is a limited edition skate which is all blacked out. They even feature black Tuuk holders. The darkness of the skate is eye catching, but it still contains all the same features as the original One100. I wouldn’t mind being seen in a pair of these at the rink. We’ll keep you updated as to when these skates hit retail stores, but for now, take a look at this sneak peak.

Bauer Supreme One100 LE Limited Edition Skate
Bauer Supreme One100 LE Limited Edition Skate

Update: The Bauer Supreme One100 LE will be available from Ice Warehouse on October 15th. It will be available for pre-order prior to that.

Update 2: You can now pre-order the Bauer Supreme One100 LE. The skates will run you $629.99 from Ice Warehouse.

The skates will indeed carry the same features as the original One100, with the addition of a couple. Besides being blacked out, the skates will also feature a “retro-tan” liner which you can see in the above image. It is made from a hydrophibic clarino synthetic leather and will definitely give the One100 LE a pretty unique look.





23 responses to “Bauer Supreme One100 LE Limited Edition Skate”

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  2. dante Avatar

    the regular one100 skates look way better

    1. Dangles Avatar

      i think the all black look waaay dirtier

  3. luke Avatar

    how much and when do they come out

  4. Geprge Avatar

    those are for benders

    1. Dangles Avatar

      your a bender

  5. JEstyle Avatar

    i don’t know whether or not to wait for these or try the S17 LE’s these look sexy-ier and i bet they hold up better

  6. danny Avatar

    thats a nice skate !! i want to know i much …. if its under 750$ its good

    1. Matt Avatar

      They only cost $629.99

    2. evan Avatar

      At Pro Hockey life they are $750 canadian

  7. lars Avatar

    Just picked up a pair. Haven’t bought a pair of new skates for 20 years. Having flat feet and needing a low instep these were a fantastic fit. Plus, the black looks cool!

    1. kevin Avatar

      nice i get them for christmas i am having someone hook me up

  8. James Avatar

    Incredible skate. I have wide feet and need a EE in Bauer, E in CCM or RBK. Absolutely love them. The upper completely molds to your feet and gives you a great fit even if you have odd shaped feet like mine. Much better than the CCM Vectors I got before these. Only difference between these and the TotalOne’s is that these don’t have the tongue change out feature and weigh a little more. But for $200 less I don’t see the value in the TotalOne’s.

  9. Craig Avatar

    I have these skates. they are an amazing fit and the all black looks stellar. I have had so many people asking me about the skates. anyone who buys these your in for a treat

  10. kevin Avatar

    these skates r amazing most pumfortable skates i have ever skated on

  11. Jay Shizzle Avatar

    Im coping the Bee yatchez today for sheez and skate all over that weak ass canadian syd da kid crosby

  12. Marko in Finland Avatar
    Marko in Finland

    Nice skates but limited edition -text almost gone (right skate) in first training?

    Cost 549€

  13. Mike Avatar

    I used these for a few months. How much could I see them for?

    1. Matt Avatar

      Depends on what condition they’re in, but I’m sure you could still get a couple hundred for them. What size are they?

    2. Jessica Avatar

      hey you still have them skates? What size you got? I might be interested in them, my bf really likes them skates.

  14. kevin Avatar

    have had these skates since christmas and let me tell u best skates ever for now cant wait untill APX comes out in april i cant wait i am goin to get those skate already got mines money.

  15. Darren Avatar

    what is a bender? Did he died?

  16. Sean Avatar

    All of you dudes have to agree that those are the most sic skates ever, and if I choose to buy a pair I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with them. The Reeboks are kick-ass also.

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