CCM U+ CL Ice Hockey Skates

Update: The CCM U+ CL skates are now available for pre-order from Ice Warehouse. They’ll be available for $599.99 and will begin shipping October 11th.

After a few releases with the same looking graphics, CCM is finally going to switch it up with their upcoming skate release. We’ve got a sneak peak below at the brand new CCM U+ CL ice hockey skates. Surprisingly, this shot has come out before any information on the 2011 roller line which gets released this fall. Regardless, I’m excited for new CCM skates as they fit my foot perfectly. Plus, this new skate looks amazing.

CCM U+ CL Ice Hockey Skates
CCM U+ CL Ice Hockey Skates


  1. I expect that they will be in the $600 – $700 range.
    No doubt CCM will want to clear inventory of its’ 2010 U Pro Reloaded model at drastically reduced prices to make way for the new U+CL. If you’re not into style, just performance, I suggest picking up a pair of the current model and saving some dough!

  2. The new CCM U+ skates are scheduled to be at on 10/15. The top model, the U+ CL, has an advertised price of $649.99 and the CCM U+12 is at $449.99. Full product descriptions including our Video Review are already done and will be posted on our site in early September.

  3. These are a good looking skate. I would think that the price of these skates will be $649.99, CCM makes all vendors sell at the same price for a certain amount of time.

  4. hallo i just skated on the new U+CL and they finally fit better than the “blue” U+ line. not on the site yet but already in (this) store for sale. price is 599,- EURO.

  5. Folks.. I’ve been on u+ pro reloaded, custom tweaked in st Jean, for one year. And for 48 years before that, I used Tacks, custom, since 1961. The new CL looks a good modern boot. If it’s close to the reloaded, it’ll be a good boot. But kiddiewinks, consider.. The cl is made in Canada.. The rest in china.. And sold to you at hundreds of dollars. And I doubt if you, or indeed even me, really need this stuff. Paying megabucks for mega plastic….. Mind how you go, chaps and chapesses! Jack The Hat. Glasgow. Scotland

  6. The CCM U+ CL is being manufactured in Canada ONLY!!!

    This is a complete revamp of the U+ model, and CCM wants to maintain the quality of manufacture, thus they will keep this skate 100% Canadian made.

  7. How wide are the new CL-version compared to the Vector U+ – My son s using a pair of 6.5 E in the Vector – can he do with 7D in the CL or should we go for the E here as well?
    Pär Edgren – Sweden

  8. hey everyone, i’ved tried the U+12 and its a great skate. its pretty lightweight and comfy. there is not a big difference between the U+ Cl and the U + 12. Cl is made in Canada and has and carbon fiber layer in the insole of the skate. If you are not ready to spend the money for the Cl go with the 12, its still a really good skate

  9. got the ccm u+ cl skates on the 15 of october and in the last 14 year i think they are they best skates they have ever made. does anyone know when the new 2011 ccm u+ cl stick will come out and does anyone know how to find the whole neww ccm line on the internet

  10. can you bake the U+12 in your oven at home? I know the warranty goes out the window but no other options where I live. don’t want to ruin $400 skates.

  11. What is the big deal with skates being made in Canada vs. where CCM has them made? Also I’m looking at buying the U+ 12 and was wondering what the difference is with the liner and outsoles from the the pro model.

    • I’m sure part has to do with personal preference of products being made “at home” for CCM as opposed to shipping them overseas so they make a bigger profit. Manufacturers in Canada will have better quality control vs. the mass production overseas as well, meaning less problem skates that have to be sent back for warranty claims.

      Do you mean between the U+ 12 and the CL? Or the U+ 12 and a pro stock pair of CCM skates?

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