Tour Thor GX 7 Roller Hockey Skate

Update: The Tour Thor GX 7 skate is now available for pre-order at Inline Warehouse. Click here to order now.

We’ve already covered some of the new skates in the 2011 Tour line, such as the Tour Thor EX-1 and the Thor ZX-9. Coming in at a price point just behind the ZX-9 will be the brand new Tour Thor GX-7. Much like the higher end skates in the line-up, the GX-7 has been upgraded a bit with newer materials and structure.  But overall, it will be an improvement over mid price point Tour skate from years past. I’m not really digging the color scheme on this set up as much as the other skates in the line, but Tour skates are definitely known for their performance. If you go with this skate, you’ll surely be pleased.

Tour Thor GX 7 Roller Hockey Skate
Tour Thor GX 7 Roller Hockey Skate





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  1. Chris Avatar

    These puppies look sick. Can’t wait to see them in person (and maybe try on a pair???)

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