Tour Thor G1 Goalie Skates

Update: The Tour Thor G1 goalie skates are now available for pre-order. Visit Inline Warehouse to order your pair!

For all you goalie fanatics out there, Tour is also giving it another shot with the goalie skate for 2011. They’ve made some great improvements over their last goalie skate, changing up the skate structure a bit and adding the new Labeda Predator frame. As with any Tour skate, you know you’re going to get a great deal of comfort in their boot. Goalies should definitely be happy with this new release.

Tour Thor G1 Goalie Skate
Tour Thor G1 Goalie Skate

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  1. Great skates! I hated the mission goalie skates. U culd actually get the puck between the wheels in the frame! Feel bad for any suckers who get them 😛

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