Bauer Supreme One 100 LE Goalie Skate

Late last week, Bauer Hockey unveiled a new product that will certainly make goalies happy. In addition to all of the other limited edition products in the line-up, Bauer will soon be making a Bauer One 100 LE goalie skate. This new white out skate will certainly give the goalies out there a bit of extra flash and style.┬áThe Bauer One 100 LE goalie skate will be available in April of 2011. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a white out One 100 for players as well, what do you guys think?

Bauer Supreme One 100 LE Goalie Skate
Bauer Supreme One 100 LE Goalie Skate


  1. yes they should bring out a white one100 and maybe even one60 Easton have just come out with s17 white to go along with the black ones and the original ones they should bring out some white ones i would buy them

  2. I don’t like that at all. They should’ve stayed with the all black and do it on the one100 goalie skate. I think that would look so much better.

  3. if they made one100 le white out skates at the $600.00 even $700.00 range for a player not goalie i would buy them the month maybe even week they came out

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