Developing Story: Rick Rypien Attacks Fan

In a bizarre turn of events in tonight’s game between Minnesota and Vancouver, Canucks enforcer Rick Rypien took his enforcing off the ice when video showed him grabbing and pushing a fan who was applauding the fact that Rypien was double minor for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct.


It all began when Rypien and Minnesota’s Brad Staubitz was about to drop the gloves for the second time of the night before being quickly separated by the linesmen. The altercation caused several scrums amongst the players on the ice which distracted the linesmen as they were trying to separate Rypien and Staubitz. They had previously fought in the first period and this altercation happened with 6:22 remaining in the second period.

Here’s a synopsis of the video that can be view here on fcfightlog’s Youtube page.

:05- First linesman that was closest to the players intervene to separate Staubitz and Rypien.

:10- Just before second linesman arrives (#91), Rypien gets in one last cheap shot on the face of Staubitz.

:20- More grabbing/clutching between the players on the ice.

:59- Watch the fan in the white jersey. All you can see is him clapping towards the Canuck’s bench.

1:02-When Rypien was on his way to the locker room, he reaches over the railing and grabs the fan. Fan in red jersey intervenes and pushes Rypien away. Rypien is then separated by teammate Manny Malhotra before continuing onto the locker room.

1:44- Both fans involved are both removed from their seats and presumably ejected.

The announcers broadcasting the game were right in that they were unfairly ejected because at least according to the video footage, they didn’t do anything wrong. All we can see is the fan clapping his hands. We don’t know or can’t tell if anything was said by the fan to Rypien. But we do know one thing, and that Colin Campbell at the NHL’s headquarters will at the minimum fine, and likely suspend Rypien for multiple games. Minnesota, which led 5-1 at the time, scored another power-play goal eight seconds later. Rypien was in the penalty box to start the third period.


5 responses to “Developing Story: Rick Rypien Attacks Fan”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Wish I knew what they got kicked out for. Under what circumstances is it okay for a player to attack a fan like that? You’re a pro athlete, and you need to deal with whatever heckling an opposing fan might throw your way.

  2. John Avatar

    Matt, the fans didn’t get kicked out. They were moved to different seats.

    I hope Rypien gets the book thrown at him. If he has an ounce of class he should also reach out to the fan in question and make things right.

  3. EB Avatar

    Make things right? The fan is now trying an assault case. For what, being grabbed? Next thing he’ll be wearing a neck brace.

    Minnesota Wild fans = sissies.

  4. […] addition, Fan-attacking forward Rick Rypien is staying in Canada but is changing teams as he signed a deal with Winnipeg. […]

  5. […] addition, Fan-attacking forward Rick Rypien is staying in Canada but is changing teams as he signed a deal with Winnipeg. […]

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