Reebok 8.0.8 White Hockey Stick

It seems that recently Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche has been using what was thought to be a custom Reebok 8.0.8 white hockey stick. However, Reebok recently confirmed otherwise. According to their Facebook page, the new Reebok 8.0.8 white hockey stick Duchene is using is not a custom twig, and will be available for retail purchase in the Spring of 2011. The new stick looks pretty sick, and would go great with a pair of white Reebok 11k’s. You can see Duchene using the new stick below.

Matt Duchene using the new Reebok 8.0.8 White Hockey Stick
Matt Duchene using the new Reebok 8.0.8 White Hockey Stick





3 responses to “Reebok 8.0.8 White Hockey Stick”

  1. Riaan Avatar

    That is a sick looking stick! Wonder if the 8.0.8 Stick from Reebok is actually that good. I have read that the stick last longer because of the “Air Holes” at the bottom which is stronger against slashes etc.

  2. Zac Avatar

    I have the 8.0.8 and it is an amazing stick, i have had it for about 3 months and is holding up amazing. Very great stick!

  3. CJ Avatar

    Where can I order it

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