Warrior Black Widow Hockey Stick

Some of you gear junkies might have noticed a couple NHL players out there using a sweet looking new Warrior stick this season. Well, we’ve got a sneak peak at the new Warrior Black Widow hockey stick. It has a nice dark look to it, very appealing and easy on the eyes. Apparently Warrior is using some new taper technology in this stick. What I’ve heard is that its called the dagger taper. We’ve also heard the stick will be replacing the Kronik.

The new Warrior Widow stick is now available for pre-order at Ice Warehouse. Both the grip and clear versions of the stick are available for $229.99 and will be shipping March 8th. Head over to Ice Warehouse to ensure you’re one of the first to have the new Warrior Widow.

What do you guys think of Warrior’s new stick?

Warrior Black Widow Hockey Stick
The new Warrior Black Widow Hockey Stick


  1. Very nice looking! I really love the Warrior Sticks, I have 2 Warrior Dolomite DD sticks which is awesome although I don’t like the dragon graphics on it. Most of their sticks usually came with some sort of graphics but it seems like they are settling for the plain type of graphics now like above, and I like that!

  2. Thats one unique thing about Warrior is their unique shaft graphics. I have the Warrior Bentley and thats one of the plainest looking designed sticks they have, yet it’s not too loud in terms of color/design

  3. Ahhh yesss this stick is very nice i was exceptionally lucky to walk into my hockey store to get my skates sharpened and the warrior guy was showing the manager the new sticks and he let me hold the widow and widow grip, has a very nice feel to it and they got rid of the spyne technology its a very nice stick i offered him 300 on the spot for it but he said he couldnt do it and id have to wait till april like everyone else

  4. Was fortunate enough to go to the Joe Louis Arena (Wings Stadium) and pick up two black widow shaft (Broken Holmstrom Pro Stock). Most likely a prototype as the were not dressed as the ones in the pictures. Slapped a Dolomite blade on the end and viola.

    • Nick, since you have first-hand experience with a professional stick, how do they vary from the ones someone would buy at retail? I personally haven’t touched a professional stick since they were still using wood.

  5. Eddie,

    Unfortunately I am not that well versed in the differences to give you an educated lesson. I know the guy who was using this pro stock stick makes a hell of a lot more than its new owner. From what I understand the weight/blade and flex are customized for the individual as opposed to the retail versions that are mass produced with patterned blades for genaralized use. If you go to HockeyMonkey.com or the like you’ll find maybe 12 -15 blade patterns that each manufacturer makes, which correlate to other manufacturers. i.e. Lidstrom in Easton may be the same as Jovo in a Warrior (Artistic license taken). Then if you look in the pro stock area, each and every player (from well known players to also rans have variants from lie, toe, heel, taper, curve etc…

    Besides that , the differences that I can see … None really. These were on sale for $20.00 and thought that I would give it a try.

    It does appears that Holmstrom or the equipment manager shaved the corners of the stick just below the tape for several inches, for what reason I am unaware. Your gloved hand does slide much better in these shaved areas perhaps it’s used for faceoffs or goal crease manuevering.

    I read online that these are the Kronik replacements, so I would imagine that they have similiar weight and performance. I know that Holmstrom used the Kronik in the past.

    • I’d be interested to know if the thickness of the shaft differs from pro stock to retail. I’ve heard pro stock sticks are thicker. Can you verify if you have a chance?

  6. Matt,

    Already bladed and plugged the stick, so wall thickness measurements are not possible. I will bust out my trusty calipers and do a w x d measurement for you though. From what I was able to see from doing a side by side with a Bentley, Dolomite DD and Johnson is that the shaft is boxier and has a different wrap matrix.

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