MLX Skates

MLX Skates
Over the next few weeks, we will be providing a great review of MLX Skates

David Cruikshank, former Olympic speed skater turned ice hockey trainer, teamed up with Mario Lemieux to produce MLX Skates. Their mission, to “make a hockey skate that would deliver the performance features necessary for the game of hockey at the highest levels, but also deliver the speed attributes from speed skating.” In addition to speed and performance, MLX Skates strive to deliver extreme comfort, while removing nagging problems such as lace bite.

MLX Skates are generating a buzz not only through the professional ranks, but through rec leagues across the world as well. Currently, you can find players such as Sergei Gonchar, Daniel Alfredsson, and Dustin Byfuglien wearing MLX Skates. Evgeni Malkin was also seen wearing them in late 2009, before returning to his Bauer Vapor skates.

In the next week or so, we will be fortunate enough to receive a brand new pair of MLX Skates to review. As the enormous gear junkie that I am, I’ll be providing a review with my initial impressions of the skates right out of the box. Beyond that, I’ll be giving a great long term review of the skates, from the first time I wear them, to the time that they’re all beat up.

As we value our reader input so highly, I would also love to hear your questions about MLX Skates. If you’ve been interested in the skates, but aren’t sure if you want to pull the trigger and buy them, go ahead and ask whatever questions you might have. I will personally do whatever I can to ensure that your questions about MLX Skates are answered in the review.

For more information, check out MLX Skates.

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