HBO 24/7 Capitals-Penguins Recap 2

After the basic storylines was formed in last week’s episode, we got to see more between the players and coaches off the ice. With Pittsburgh, we saw coach Dan Bylisma’s life off the ice. We ate dinner with his wife and son, and shot the puck with his son in the basement. His wife and son made a good point in that coach Bylisma does a good job of not bringing what happens at the rink home with him. That is a lesson even an average joe like myself and our readers can use. We also got to see Sidney Crosby’s pregame ritual. That includes walking the opposite way to the locker room than his teammates so that he doesn’t walk by the visitor’s locker room. From his pregame peanut butter and jelly sandwich, to playing soccer with teammates, and to his cup that is so disgusting and old looking that the CDC should be called to inspect it, we got to see it all.

We got to see the Washington losing streak continue and ultimately end at the end of the episode against the Ottawa Senators. I liked when Capitals owner George McPhee was talking to the camera and recognized how they were struggling. He remained calm and didn’t jump to conclusions and make a coaching change like what was heard on D.C. sports talk radio. “Whatever you say, people will read between the lines. We just keep working away and hope we get good results and stand by our people,” is what he said about not commenting on Bruce Boudreau’s job status. The best moment of the night was during the Boston game when assistant captain Mike Knuble unleashed a tirade after the first period when trailing 3-0. His words paid off on the ice as the Capitals were able to score early in the second period and late in the third. The unfortunate thing was they ran out of time as the slide was extended to eight games with a 3-2 loss. You could tell things were starting to turn around as they were able to win their next game in Ottawa. The win at Ottawa was so much of a release for them, they were cheering and screaming like they just won the Stanley Cup. Look for the Caps to start winning games soon as losing streaks like that start to turn into winning streaks.

We got to see the Penguins 12-game winning streak turn into a two-game losing streak. Sidney Crosby’s point streak extend to then-21 games. It’s now up to 22 and could extend to 23 games tonight against the Capitals. Crosby also gave a really childish and weak explanation to a fight he got into a few weeks ago. The footage was shown on the TV he was watching in his hotel room in Philadelphia. Him instigating the fight by saying “we’re fighting” is more laughable than a teammate of mine on my beer league team calling a fat kid on the other team a “cheeseburger” that agitated the fat kid into a fight.

Three Thumb’s Up:

1. Reece Adams, son of Pittsburgh forward Craig Adams. He’s three years old and he was pointing at pictures of the Penguins on the wall. He was going down the row and naming off the players. I’d be willing to bet he could name more players than the average Pittsburgh fan.

2. Washington got the chance to play their unofficial victory song “Beat Dat Beat” by DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame. If you haven’t seen it yet, go here. You’ll thank me later.

3. At age 45 and not playing hockey in five years, Mario Lemieux can still dangle and skate around everyone. He can play on my beer league team any day.

Check back next week when we see both teams put two-game winning streaks on the line when they face off tonight at Verizon Center.


  1. Hey is there anywhere we can go to watch this series if we don’t have HBO? I hear how amazing it is and I want to see it. Is NHL network going to buy the rights and play them later in the season or something?

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