Alexander Ovechkin Custom Winter Classic Skates (CCM U+ CL)

CCM has gone extra lengths for the upcoming Winter Classic as they have made Alexander Ovechkin a customized pair of CCM U+ CL skates to wear for the game. The main thing you’ll notice is there is a lot more red on the boot, which should go well with the Capitals Winter Classic jerseys. Additionally, you’ll notice that the tendon guard and heel both feature the Ovechkin logo. And of course, they wouldn’t be Ovechkin skates if they didn’t have yellow laces.

You can now purchase the Winter Classic CCM U+ Cl at IceWarehouse for $599.99.

What do you guys think of Ovechkin’s Winter Classic CCM U+ CL?

Alexander Ovechkin Custom Winter Classic Skates CCM U+ CL
Alexander Ovechkin Custom Winter Classic Skates – CCM U+ CL

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  1. E
    CCM: 2006- Pro Tacks custom measure/make: good boot, a bit clumsy. Not me, sailor: the boot is clumsy. And heavy.
    2009- U+ CL Reloaded: good boot. Liked it. Skated well in it. Neither Pro Tacks nor Reloaded are perfect. Good. But not great. 2011: just ordered as full custom: U+ CL Ovechkin Winter Classic. This is going to be Grrrrrreat! Jack•The•Hat. Glasgow. Scotland

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