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Last Monday, we were listening to the NHL Channel on XM Radio and heard about a new stick company called Blue Ice Hockey. Intrigued, and being the borderline obsessive gear junkie of the group, I decided to reach out to Blue Ice to find out more.

Through talking to Blue Ice, I’ve learned that they are a company dedicated to providing great sticks for everyone, no matter the skill or competition level. Below, you can find out more about their product offerings, including the Blue Ice Nano Pro stick. We were given a review unit of this product, and you’ll get our feedback on it in the coming days and months.

According to Blue Ice:

Our sticks are being used in Division 3 U.S. college hockey programs. Our SK-150 is being used by the women’s program at the University of Southern Maine and Nichols College and players in the new Women’s Professional Hockey League (CWHL.) The Nanos are being used by AAA players from Bantam to Midget. Our sticks are endorsed by a well know professional shooting coach as well as Jim McKenny and Iain Duncan, former NHLers with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Winnipeg Jets. Our Nano Pro model has been used and tested by ECHL players and have received rave reviews.

Blue Ice Nano Pro Hockey Stick
Blue Ice Nano Pro Hockey Stick


Nano – The pro model. Light weight and durable. Comparable to top end name brands. Concave shaft for easy grip with light tacky coating. It’s the perfect stick for highly competitive play, especially for AAA to Jr. A. The blade has been tested to have to puck release at a higher rate of energy that most sticks. Comes in 90 and 100 flex. Cost is $105.

SK-200 – The senior model. Has a more rounded shaft to fit in the palm of the glove. A few grams heavier than the Nano but still comparable to top end brand models. Also comes with a tacky grip for control and gives great feel for the puck. The blade, like the Nano’s, releases the puck with increased energy. It’s great for the rec player or player not hard on sticks. It is durable and responsive, perfect for the Men’s League player not willing to pay a fortune for sticks. 85 Flex and P.1 and P.2 curves, cost is $85.

SK-150 -This is the  Intermediate stick. It has a slimmer, concave, tacky shaft for better control and fit for the smaller hand. This is a perfect stick for the 12-14 yr. old player as well as women. This stick is being used by women’s teams in U.S. colleges and the new Women’s Professional Hockey League. It is being endorsed by the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association. It comes in 70 flex only. This ensures a better shot for the player who is still developing upper body strength. P.1 and P.2 curve, cost is $75.

For a rundown on blade patterns and more, check out While there is no web store currently set up, you can email Blue Ice at to purchase. Let them know the guys over at Hockey World Blog sent you. Check back in a couple days to hear more about our experience with the Nano Pro.





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