Bauer Vapor X7.0 Ice Hockey Skate

Update 4/29/11: The Bauer X7.0 skates are available to buy! The X7.0 will set you back $599, and are being shipped immediately. If you liked the X60 skates, but can’t afford the APX, the X7.0 will be perfect for you.

While a lot of hype is being made about the Bauer APX skate, and rightfully so, let’s not forget the model which will replace the X:60 and hit the same price point.

I’m talking about the new Bauer Vapor X7.0 ice hockey skate. Besides the graphics and colors, this new skate will be quite similar to the X:60. The X7.0 will have the new x-rib mold in the back, just like the APX. You’re also going to find the boot will have the hydra max liner, as well as the formfit 2 tongue, found on the X:60. There will be a high density metatarsal guard, and of course, the boot will be heat moldable so you can bake it for that perfect fit.

You can expect the Bauer Vapor X7.0 to be released in April, but we will definitely have pre-order information up on the site before that.

Update: Below you can see a great comparison shot of the APX (left) and X7.0 skates (right). Thanks to Elliot for sending that in!

Bauer Vapor X7.0 Ice Hockey Skate
Bauer Vapor X7.0 Ice Hockey Skate

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