2011 CCM U+ CL Crazy Light Hockey Stick

Over the past six months or so, we have seen CCM really strengthen their product offerings with the new CCM U+ CL and U+ 12 skates, as well as adding a few new limited edition ‘Ovie’ products that have been pretty popular. Now CCM is preparing to release their all new 2011 CCM U+ Crazy Light hockey stick.

2011 CCM U+ CL Crazy Light Hockey Stick
2011 CCM U+ CL Crazy Light Hockey Stick

The 2011 Crazy Light stick will offer a few nice upgrades over the previous model. First and foremost, CCM re-designed the blade, which is going to result in a better feel for the puck, and increased durability. Blade durability has been a huge issue for me with one piece sticks, so I’m excited to see how CCM compares to the competition now. In addition, the new blade construction has created a sweet spot that runs from the heel to the toe, so no matter where you hit, you should be getting a hard, fast, and accurate shot.

NHL players must be happy with the new stick as well, as we’ve seen a few players make a switch. In fact, Niklas Kronwall of the Detroit Red Wings switched over to one earlier this season and hasn’t looked back. So if you’re looking for a new twig this spring, be sure to give new U+ CL a good look. You can pre-order one right now from Ice Warehouse for only $209.99. They will begin shipping orders on May 16th.

For more information on the new 2011 CCM U+ Crazy Light stick, check out the video below from the guys over at IW.


  1. do you suggest i get the U+crazy light crazyovi the bauer totalone/APX or the Easton RS/S19 so far i am gonna get the CCM U+crazylight 🙂 please put ur suggestions

    • RS seems to be having some durability issues from some people online, despite HWB not having any real issues with the demo sticks provided. I think it comes down to preference, from the varying features, price, etc… What stick do you currently use?

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