Reebok 11k Helmet

Reebok recently unveiled their latest helmet, the new Reebok 11k helmet. The Reebok 11k helmet is part of Reebok’s Safety Revolution Program. With this initiative, the company is looking to provide the “best possible protection against potential injuries.”

To help with this program, the Reebok 11k helmet commits to safety with the 5-point safety system, developed by Reebok. The system, as outlined on the Reebok site, is described below:

  1. High Impact Resistance (HIR) – Focuses on addressing high-energy impacts
  2. Repeated Impact Resistance (RIR)  – Addresses the lower intensity impacts, that, repeated over time, could be just as damaging
  3. Maximum Travel Extension (MTE) – Addresses the need to fit the widest range of the population
  4. Lightweight Composite Reinforcement (LCR) – The unique construction that maximizes light weight to high energy absorption
  5. Stable anchoring technology (SAT) – Developed  to improve the helmets ability to stay on your head

The 11k helmet itself looks great, and the green foam padding on the inside is a nice touch. The Reebok 11k helmet is now available for purchase at Ice and Inline Warehouse  for $149.99. They’re also offering free shipping, so if you’re in the market for a new bucket, definitely check out the Reebok 11k helmet.


Reebok 11k Helmet
Reebok 11k Helmet

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