Red and Blue Warrior Widow Hockey Stick

For those gear junkies out there with a sharp eye, you have all probably already noticed the new twigs that Nicklas Lidstrom and Ryan Malone have been using. For everyone else, take a look below.

We’ve got Lidstrom using a red Warrior Widow and Ryan Malone with the blue Warrior Widow hockey stick. Both sticks are pretty sick looking, and match the teams respective colors. Chances are we will see a few more players getting a custom Widow setup, and then eventually it will work its way to a stick customizer for retail purchases. Currently, Warrior only offers custom versions of gloves, pants, bags and goalie equipment through

If you can’t wait and are dead set on getting a Warrior Widow right now, head over to Ice Warehouse. You can pick up either the clear or grip version of the stick for $229 right now. If you can be a little patient, keep your eye on eBay, or check out either the Red Wings or Tampa Bay Lightning equipment sales this summer to see if you can pick up a pro-stock used by Lidstrom or Malone. Otherwise, wait it out and see if Warrior will add it to their custom options in the near future.

What do you think of the red and blue Warrior Widow hockey sticks?

Red Warrior Widow Hockey Stick
Red Warrior Widow Hockey Stick
Blue Warrior Widow Hockey Stick
Blue Warrior Widow Hockey Stick


2 responses to “Red and Blue Warrior Widow Hockey Stick”

  1. Will Avatar

    when will warrior release it?

    1. Matt Avatar

      Expect them to be available in October

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