Blue Ice Nano Pro Hockey Stick Review 3

Stick: Blue Ice Nano Pro

Weight: Unknown. Not too heavy, not too light.

Curve/Lie: P.1 heel to toe curve

Flex: 100

Price: $105 US dollar

Overall Review:

I have used the Blue Ice Nano Pro for 2 months now and have been extremely impressed. Aesthetically, the stick has a few minor chips, but nothing that looks like a chipmunk has been gnawing on it. A warrior is not considered a warrior unless he has a few battle scars right?

My game play has become better over these pass two months which has seen me with many more puck touches than normal. That being said, you need something to hold up at the right moment and to feel like an extension of your arm. The Nano Pro has done just that, be it drawing penalties by taking a two-hander to the stick and not breaking to not losing any flex when ripping a slap shot.

The overall performance of the stick truthfully feels just like the day I first received it. A major concern for players is the loss of durability. Will the stick start to feel like a wet noodle in your hands, or will it hold up? The Nano Pro has held up incredibly well. When taking shots I feel no loss of energy, resulting in just as hard shots from day one until now.

With this durability also comes accuracy. Sure you may have a shaft that Superman himself cannot break, but can you make tape-to-tape passes and can you pick the corners? Two months into using it, where I want the puck to go, it goes. Only rarely do I get a bad shot off, which tends to trail off low and to the left (right hand shot). That most likely is me pulling the puck. Come on, I can’t be great all the time.

One thing I have noticed is I have really become comfortable with the stick. I’ve never really been one to utilize my backhand, but I have found myself making nice flip passes or even attempting to snipe a corner on the backhand.
I cannot stress enough that with a hockey stick you need to be comfortable with it. Sure, the commercials are tempting in purchasing the newest and latest stick on the market, but when it comes down to it, whoever puts up the most points is who matters. This stick won’t hold you back, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Ending Notes:

I’ll be honest; I’m somewhat tired of writing reviews. I feel as though I keep saying the same thing over and over, that the Blue Ice Nano Pro is a great buy. Not only is it a great buy because of the $105 US dollars price tag, but because it is holding up better than not only expected, but in comparison to other brand named sticks out there. Truthfully, if you are a beer league player looking for a solid one piece stick that you can purchase and not worry about replacing for a while, this is your stick.

Interested in the Blue Ice Nano Pro stick? Head on over to Blue Ice’s website for questions or orders, and make sure to let them know you heard about them from Hockey World Blog.


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