Bauer Supreme One40 Hockey Gloves 2011 Review

It was about that time to get new gloves. A few tears on the padding, a couple of holes in the finger for eye gauging, and the overall stench that comes with it. So, being the basic of basic, aka cheapest price possible, I decided to get me a pair of the new Bauer Supreme One40 Ice Hockey Gloves 2011.

There are a lot of gloves on the market, especially near the price point of $47.99 such as the Bauer One40s. Being that I recently purchased a pair of Bauer Supreme ice hockey skates, I already was leaning towards Bauer gloves. But for not only that reason, I’ve always trusted Bauer products. To put it in perspective, when I received the gloves and looked at the information about the product, there were more languages than I knew were out in the world. Bauer is international and they are for a reason; great products.

A worry about purchasing the lower end products is style. A lot of guys might say they don’t care what their equipment looks like, but I’m certain if it looks good to them, there is a pleasure factor to that. The Bauer Supreme One40 Gloves for 2011 do look nice. I went with the black base and white accents, which look somewhat like a skeleton frame design, but not tacky or Halloweenish by any means. (yes, Halloweenish is a word now)

One of the major reasons anyone purchases new gloves is because the palm begins to rip and you’re left with a pretty tacky looking glove. Although the Bauer One40 glove is the bottom of the line, the double layer tan nash palm gives a traditional feel, but will offer some good durability for the price point. There is no doubt that higher end gloves, such as the top-of-the-line Bauer Supreme TotalOne Hockey Gloves 2011 with its nubuck nash with gecko nash overlay will provide a much more durable palm, the One40 will do the trick for your recreational players.

According to Bauer, their One40 gloves design have a contoured form fitting glove that reduces negative space maximizing energy transfer. I’m not into the technical talk, but putting your hand in the glove feels really nice and snug. Now by snug I do not mean that it is tight and restricting, quite the opposite really, it forms to the hand and moves with it, allowing for great feel. To give you an idea of the contoured form fitting design, imagine yourself holding a good size hamburger with both hands. Your hands form to that type of shape when putting them into the glove, which feels really natural and nice.

Now Bauer has done a good job also with allowing the wrist to not be limited in motion. It is never enjoyable when you try to make some sick dangles with your stick, only to not be able to move your wrist. On the bottom part of the glove, it has a nice flap that opens up to allow for free range of motion. This is really excellent for mobility; the downside though, is you do lose some protection on the top of your wrist.

Continuing with the protection of the glove, I’m relatively happy. Throughout the whole glove, it really moves well and offers some great protection. The thumb especially has what is called the Free Flex Thumb design that offers great protection from a slash but also allows you to move your thumb forward for better feel on the stick. On the top of the hand you do not even notice when you get hit. Now, the one thing I think could have been improved is the top of the wrist. I already mentioned that with the free range of wrist mobility the top of the wrist is exposed, but also the overall padding on the top of the wrist is not as strong as it could be. This is majorly in part that the glove is the bottom of the line glove, expected for recreational type leagues. Still though, the padding curves down and towards your wrist like a bowl. Had the padding curved upwards instead, it may offer some more protection and a better brace for impact.

Overall the Bauer Supreme One40 Hockey Gloves 2011 is a nice looking glove, offering solid protection, all at a convenient price point of $47.99. I’m going to be playing with them in these upcoming weeks and will continue to review them. Keep checking back for a more thorough reviews in the near future.


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  1. beth Avatar

    Hi, just reading this for reference, looking at buying these gloves. How are they fairing now? In that the reason im replacing mine is that they had lots of holes in…is the glove intact and structurally sound?

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