Tour Thor BX Pro Roller Hockey Skate

Tour Hockey recently unveiled one of their latest products, the new Tour Thor BX Pro roller hockey skate. After a successful launch of high-end skates last year, Tour looks to launch another line in 2011 focusing more on the lower end to mid-range skates. Coming in at the popular $199 price point, the Tour Thor BX Pro roller hockey skate is going to compete directly with the Mission Axiom T6 ($199), as well as skates from both Bauer and Reebok which are priced similarly.

From my perspective, Tour has definitely nailed the design on the Thor BX Pro. The grey and black boot with orange accents and wheels really looks tremendous. It’s certainly not an overly flashy skate, as you might be used to from Tour, but it will definitely get the job done.

As far as components are concerned, the Thor BX Pro will feature the Labeda Hum’er Extreme chassis, which of course offers a straight wheel set-up of 80mm. The skate will come stock with Labeda wheels as well, the Millenium Gripper, which will sit on Bevo ABEC 9 bearings. Inside the boot you’ll find a custom quilted lining, as well as the memory foam comfort fit that you might be used to with Tour skates. Over all, you’re really seeing some great properties on an ideal price point skate in the Thor BX Pro. This skate should definitely be able to hold its own in the current market and should be a popular pick-up for anyone on the hunt for a new summer skate.

Tour Thor BX Pro Roller Hockey Skate
Tour Thor BX Pro Roller Hockey Skate






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  1. Tour Roller Hockey Equipment…

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  2. Johnson Lee Avatar
    Johnson Lee

    Has this skate come out yet?????PLEASE SOMEONE!!

  3. Luke Skywalker Avatar
    Luke Skywalker

    I live these skates. The wheels grip just enough around the turns instead of sliding out like the rink rats on my old missions. I just realized that it’s just the gx7 with no mini hubs, and $100 cheaper!

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