Warrior Dynasty Hockey Stick

Warrior Hockey has been doing a great job recently of leaking photos of new products on their facebook page. It started out with the blue and red Warrior Widow sticks, and now it looks like they’ve unveiled a new one. From the image, all speculation goes toward this being the Warrior Dynasty hockey stick. With the Widow and Diablo giving Warrior a strong one-two punch for high-end sticks, we expect this one to drop in at a lower price point around $180. More than likely, we can expect it to hit retail store shelves this October.

Personally, I’m digging the colors on the new twig. I like the black and yellow, but it does have some similarities to the Easton Stealth RS. They made a bit of a separation with the white on the underside of the shaft, but the black and yellow is still strong and prevalent. It looks like they’re is an interesting snake-skin type grip on the shaft, which will be a nice addition. I was a fan when it was on the old Reebok sticks, but I don’t think it lasted too long. What do you guys think of the new Warrior Dynasty hockey stick?

Warrior Dynasty Hockey Stick
Warrior Dynasty Hockey Stick


  1. I tried the tapered shaft stick, that also has some cavities in the blade and really did not like it. Every time that I take a slap shot, it kind of ‘thunks’, and does not have the sweet spot feel of the Sycho warrior. Good thing I got it on sale. Would like to try this one out, however at the price of some of these bad boys, will try to pick it up on sale. Good thing I got my ‘thunker’ on sale, it really would have sucked if it had cost me the full $250 at regular price…

  2. I just got this stick. It’s real light. Like the feel of it only used it one game and so far I like it. Not sure about the durability of stick will let you know as I use it more. Using 100 flex kopitar curve.

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