Bauer Supreme One80 LE Limited Edition Gloves

Up until now, the limited edition gear released by Bauer Hockey had either been in the form of sticks or skates. With their latest set of releases, we’re seeing a departure from that mindset. Below, we have the new Bauer Supreme One80 LE hockey gloves. The new gloves are going to have the same set of features as the original One80 gloves, but with some nice new limited edition color options.

The new Bauer Supreme One80 LE gloves will come in three different color options, all of them featuring a mostly white glove. The accent colors you can choose from will be black, red, and the blue shown below. The white glove will really stand out on the rink, so this glove could prove to be quite popular among the roller hockey players.

Some of the great features you will get from Bauer in the One80 glove include a Thermo Max+ liner to wick away moisture and keep the glove dry and fresh, a contoured form-fitting glove to helpĀ eliminateĀ negative space, as well as a clarino nash palm with a gecko nash overlay to help give you a great feel.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of the Bauer Supreme One80 LE gloves, much like I am, then visit our friends at Inline and Ice Warehouse. The limited edition gloves will only set you back $120, the same price as the original One80 gloves. Click here to head over to IW and grab yourself a pair of the One80 LE gloves.

Bauer Supreme One80 LE Limited Edition Gloves
Bauer Supreme One80 LE Limited Edition Gloves

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