Bauer Supreme One80 LE Limited Edition Hockey Pants

Here we have another brand new offering from the team over at Bauer Hockey, the Bauer Supreme One80 LE hockey pants. There isn’t really anything too special that you can do with pants, but Bauer managed to make these look pretty sharp in a simple way. The pants will come in a traditional black, but now you can have the choice of grey and white stripes on the side and front, or red and white, which you can see below.

It’s a very subtle change, but one that really makes the pants look great. I think people will really like what Bauer has come up with since it is still very traditional, but adds some extra flair.

The Bauer Supreme One80 LE pants will still offer everything the original One80 pant does as well. You can expect great protection from these pants, along with the traditional ice hockey pant fit that the Supreme line is known for. The One80 LE pants will run $99.99 if you pick them up from our friends at Ice Warehouse. Click here to check them out.

Bauer Supreme One80 LE Pants
Bauer Supreme One80 LE Pants

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  1. these things are boss i picked up a pair so many sick coments from other people EVERYONE OUT THE GO GET THESE !!!!!!!!!


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