Interview with Reebok/CCM Inline Product Manager

Reebok 11k Inline Hockey Skate
Reebok 11k Inline Hockey Skate

Not too long ago, we had the opportunity to ask a few questions to the Reebok/CCM Inline Hockey product manager about their upcoming line. We were able to learn a lot about their new products, including the Reebok 11k roller hockey skates and the 9k roller hockey skates. Read on to find out what we asked him.

Hockey World Blog: Tell us a little bit about the new roller hockey line for this fall

Reebok/CCM’s Maxime Gauthier: Reebok’s 11K pump skates are faster and more powerful than any other Reebok skate to date. Partnering with Labeda to offer unparalleled speed and control, the 11k skate is on the cutting-edge of technology. Mounted on a Labeda powered chassis and 4 all new 80mm Labeda Addiction wheels, the 11k offers pure speed and ultimate grip to the floor. Its embedded composite technology and reinforced ankle support solidifies the skate and controls flexion, while its power system gives the skates an intuitive feel with a more agile performance. Coupled with the PUMP, this skate boot brings a new meaning to top-of-the-line comfort in reebok inline skates.


HWB: Will be boots be identical to the ice boots, or will there be changes specific to roller? If so, what changes?

MG: We use the same boot technologies, including:

  • The pump
  • Lacelock
  • Embedded composite zone
  • Lightweight composite outsole

However, these technologies are specific to Inline skates

  • Reinforced ankle support for longer boot durability
  • Vamping zone to protect the quarter package from abrasion
  • Ventilated toe cap


HWB: How did the change come about to use the Labeda Hum’er chassis and Labeda wheels?

MG: Reebok wanted to offer the best performance skates ever.  Players are so agile these days that they are looking for speed & grip. Like Reebok, Labeda is a innovative company and they offer the best wheels & chassis technologies. We want to offer what the roller players looking for, comfort, speed & grip.


HWB: Was there ever any consideration or talks to use the Sprung inline chassis?

MG: Sprung chassis is a great product, but we felt that the perfect match for Reebok boot was the Labeda product.


HWB: What are people going to like most about the new line?

MG: People will like the fit right out of the box. With the PUMP technology we offer a true customizable fit. The new chassis layout, 4x80mm and the Labeda Addiction wheels will offer not only top players but players of all levels, more speed and better grip to the floor, which is what they’re looking for in a skate.


HWB: Will there be a CCM line using Labeda in the future? If so, when can we expect it?

MG: Right now everything is a secret


So what are your thoughts on the new Reebok roller hockey skates? Will you be buying a pair?

If you have any additional questions about the new Reebok roller hockey skates, feel free to post them in the comments. We will have them answered for you as soon as possible!



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