Bauer Vapor XR3 Roller Hockey Skate

For the recreational level roller hockey player, Bauer has released the new Bauer Vapor XR3 roller hockey skate. The Vapor XR3 roller hockey skate will feature a sublimated woven mesh quarter package with new molded X-rib pattern and injected PP backer. The liner will be a brushed nylon, and topping off the boot will be their standard anatomical 2 piece white felt tongue. Down below the boot, you’ll find a detonator hi-lo vanguard (76/80mm) chassis. The skates will carry Bauer’s own XR3 indoor wheel, with a 76a durometer, and the wheels will spin on abec 7 bearings.

These skates can benefit a first time roller hockey player, or someone looking to upgrade from a lower end model and add a bit more stiffness and longevity in the boot. The wheels can be easily switched out, which can also make the skate great for someone who needs an upgrade in their outdoor roller hockey skate. A simple upgrade of wheels can also increase performance for anyone not looking to break the bank on a boot, but needs high performing wheels for better turns and grip. As you can probably tell, this skate can suit a lot of different players.

If you’re going to stick with the stock options, you should be very pleased with what you get. Our very own EB purchased the very similar Vapor RX20 skates not too long ago, and has seen exceptional high-level performance out of a budget friendly skate. The new Bauer Vapor XR3 roller hockey skates feature a much nicer look to them, however. The dark grey boot, featuring black and red accents gives it a real sharp look, and is made for a player who is going to let his performance on the rink do the talking, not his loud equipment.

Want to pick up a pair of the Vapor XR3 inline skates for yourself? Head over to Inline Warehouse to pre-order them for only $179.99. The XR3 skates will begin to ship on September 15th.

If you’re looking for a different skate in the new Bauer roller hockey line, check out the options below:

Otherwise, take a look at the Bauer Vapor XR3 skates below and let us know your thoughts.


Bauer Vapor XR3 Roller Hockey Skates
Bauer Vapor XR3 Roller Hockey Skates


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