Sherwood Nexon 12 Hockey Stick

Sherwood Hockey looks like they are putting forth a solid effort towards gaining stick market share with the release of their latest twig, the Sherwood Nexon 12 hockey stick. The Sherwood Nexon 12 will be the top of the line stick in their brand new Nexon line, and is already being endorsed by players such as Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks.

Sherwood is describing the Nexon 12 stick as being a true one-piece stick, using the same fibers from the toe of the blade all the way to the butt end of the stick. It’s also going to feature spear shaft construction, which will provide an enhanced low kickpoint. Beyond that, it appears as if you’ll find a lot of specs similar to other one-piece hockey sticks such as being light weight, maximizing energy transfer, great feel of the puck on the ice, and a great feel in your hands as well.

They really nailed the look of the Nexon 12 grip version, featuring a black shaft with blue accents. It looks great standing all by itself in the corner, and would look even better flying around the rink in your hands.  The clear version is a bit more plain, however, with a traditional black and white color scheme.

The Sherwood Nexon 12 will only set you back $189.99, which is a modest price these days for a one piece stick. It is currently available from Hockey Monkey,  and in mid-November, you can expect the Sherwood Nexon 12 to make its appearance in other retail stores in your area, as well as online.

Take a look at the new Sherwood Nexon 12 hockey stick below and let us know what you think. Are you willing to give a Sherwood stick a shot over today’s popular brands like Bauer and Easton?

Sherwood Nexon 12 Hockey Stick
Bobby Ryan with the new Sherwood Nexon 12 Hockey Stick


  1. This stick is great!!! My friend just bought one and he loves it!

    But I read on their Facebook page the nexon line will be available everywhere else mid-september.

  2. This stick is really awesome, i heard that sher-wood will also release a stick for the foundation of Simple Plan, which is really nice!

  3. I am surprised Sherwood even stayed afloat with their wood sticks in a one-piece market. I hope it pans out for them, which my hunch it will. Especially at that price point.

  4. i thought these wouldn’t be out until november but it appears that has them on the website?? the stick looks good and the price is reasonable. i wonder about the performance??

    • Seems as though Sherwood decided to ditch the exclusive release. It looks like a nice stick, but I haven’t seen one in person yet. A fairly priced stick is a good way to try and earn market share, which is more than likely one of their goals. If you pull the trigger, let us know how you like it!

  5. Can’t find the stick weight anywhere. Is it lighter than the T-90 undercover? The undercover is 472 grams, lighter than the standard T-90 grip(499 g). T-90s are Great sticks anyway. durable and just as good as pricier models. Buy all you can before they get discontinued so you have to buy a more expensive stick.

  6. @ Steve
    The Nexon 12 weight is 430g, which makes it as light as the Bauer Totalone, and lighter then the Easton S19 and EQ50. From the test we were shown, the Nexon 12 performed as good (and in some cases better) then higher priced sticks. And as far as I know from our sherwood rep, they have no plans to discontinue the T-90s anytime soon because its another solid performer for them so I wouldnt be too worried about that happening.

  7. So I finally got my hands on a Nexon 12 and simply put, I love this stick! First thing I noticed was the graphics on it, the black accented with the blue makes it look really good (in the grip version). I picked up a 95 flex, PP96 Bouchard Grip version of the stick and love the fact that sher-wood has kept the flex free cut down zone to customize the height without increasing your flex. The stick itself stays true to saying its super light and feels great in your hands. The 430g weight stays true and holding up a Bauer TotalOne along with it you can feel the similarity in it.
    The stick itself also has a different dimension to it. Its followed a current trend amongst pros to use a slightly skinnier shaft to increase your feel and response and at first its a little odd but you quickly notice how good and comfortable it feels.
    As for the performance of the stick, its just as good as it looks. It gives great absorption when receiving passes and good snap when you fire off a wrist shot, snap or slap shot, this is wear the spear construction shows why its the most popular way for high end sticks now.
    Sher-wood did an amazing job at stepping up and competing with the big boys with this stick and at the $189.99 price area, for something that performs right along with them, its definitely something to check out. The only thing I noticed with this stick was that graphically, all the nexon markings seemed to be actual stickers placed on the shaft and really you can feel it when you’re not wearing gloves so its not anything to be concerned about.

  8. Just picked one up today, and love it!. Ive played my entire life, I’m 22 now, Ive used eastons, tps, but mainly bauers. I have a vapor X60 , my buddy has a easton stealth that I’ve used and this stick beats both. I wanted to try something new got myself a Xmas present and I’m as gitty as a lil kid because the excitment this stick gave me. Played on an empty rink all day today, I couldn’t get off. Effortless shot, crazy quick, feels Amazing with the dangls.

  9. I wanted to see how the lower-model nexon4 and the top model nexon12 compared to one another. I’ve used Easton and TPS sticks in the past but always found that unless I was dishing out the big dollars for their best stick, then I couldn’t find anything that I really felt performance-comfortable with. Sherwoods nexon is not like that! For an entry priced stick, the nexon4 offers most of the same awesome technology/features/durability/feel that the top of the line nexon12 will offer you. Of course, there are slight drawbacks. It is a bit heavier for one, but all I’m saying is compared to what I’ve seen in the past, Sherwood has done a great job to close the gap between bottom and top priced range performance. On behalf of all of us who can’t afford the $300 stick, thank you.

  10. I had a totalone, is broke. i had an S19, it was awful. The stealth RS came out, it was a waste of money. I went out to buy an APX, it didn’t come in my size (6’5 on skates). So I went to a rink that was in the proccess of moving their gear shop across the rink so they only had few sticks left. I saw the Nexon-12 with 75 flex and fell in love. I bought the 85 flex so it wouldn’t snap on my shot, but I used it twice in tryouts and my shot was harder than with the easton s19 and the totalone, my passes were crisper, and it was lighter. It’s very similar to the stealth rs but it’s 100% better.

  11. This was a hard decision for me the other day. I was debating wether to get the Sherwood nexon 12 or reebok 20k. They are both light te nexon 12 slightly lighter but there was little to no curve on the sticks that where there Ryan curve pp09 and I was a little iffy on the technology do I went with the 20k.

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