Just Like Hockey Moms, Wives Disapprove of Fighting

It looks like Bridgestone Arena isn’t the only place to find beautiful and famous hockey WAGs. In this clip from the KHL, former Sabres and Thrashers star Max Afinogenov drops the gloves with former Sabre/Capital/Blue Jacket Jiri Novetny with wife/former tennis starĀ Elena Dementieva in the club seats seeing her husband at work. The duo were teammates for 64 games between the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons. The fight itself was kind of elementary with no clear winner. The big loser in the video are the people who watched it because of the awful camera work. Changing angles several times, panning back and forth a few times to Dementeva and no commentary (assuming it’s not the live feed as you see it on tv).

The best part is at :55 when Dementeva shakes her head in disapproval after she had a stone-cold look on her face while watching the fight. At least she didn’t have her eyes covered.


Thanks to Hockey World Blog supporter Puck Daddy for the original post.

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