Bauer Nexus Product Line – Skates, Sticks, Protective

ORLANDO, FL, Oct. 27, 2011 /CNW/ – Bauer Hockey, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of ice hockey equipment, continued its commitment to innovation as the company unveiled its “Back to Hockey” 2012 product line to retailers from around the world during the company’s annual BauerWorld event held this week in Orlando, Florida.

The highlight of the event was the introduction of NEXUS, a revolutionary family of hockey equipment inspired by the needs of the game’s best players. The NEXUS family, which includes a full line of skates, sticks and under protective, is the first new full family of product introduced by Bauer Hockey since the debut of the Bauer VAPOR skate in 1997.

The NEXUS brand, which will be available at retail in June 2012, has already been well received by some of the NHL’s best players and is expected to quickly become one of the top brands in the game.

“The launch of NEXUS marks a major milestone in our company’s history as we introduce an entirely new brand family to the industry,” said Kevin Davis, Chief Executive Officer and President, Bauer Performance Sports. “VAPOR and SUPREME have become the most successful brands in the sport and we believe the NEXUS line will be just as successful as those two powerful brands.”

The NEXUS line combines traditional styling with state-of-the-art technological advancements that have become synonymous with Bauer Hockey products. The NEXUS family compliments the VAPOR and SUPREME lines by delivering a new category of high performance products with a unique fit and feel. NEXUS line of skates offers a wider fit than both existing Bauer Hockey brands, the stick line offers a unique flex profile and the under protective provides a more traditional profile.

Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler, one of the top players in the game today, will be one of the first athletes to wear products from the new NEXUS line and will represent the new family in global marketing efforts.

“I’ve been a Bauer athlete for many years and I’m looking forward to being one of the first players to wear the NEXUS equipment,” Kesler said. “It looks great – it’s something that looks more traditional which I really like, but obviously has all the technology you would expect from Bauer equipment. I think guys in the NHL are really going to like it and so will a lot of players at all levels.”

Bauer Nexus Protective
Bauer Nexus Protective





26 responses to “Bauer Nexus Product Line – Skates, Sticks, Protective”

  1. Cowboy Carl Avatar
    Cowboy Carl

    I will stick with the vapor line but i think it’s a good idea from bauer.

    1. al @ burnaby winter club 55 Avatar
      al @ burnaby winter club 55

      this looks sick but ill stick to the supreme line but i will try out the stick

  2. Cowboy Carl Avatar
    Cowboy Carl

    the stick looks sick

  3. Cowboy Carl Avatar
    Cowboy Carl

    wait so does this mean after the nexus and supremes come out will there be a three rotations before coming back to nexus or supreme? or will it go nexus, supreme, vapor?

  4. kevin Avatar

    i really hope that nexus stays for a will it looks sick what is the stick supose to be like????? were are the flex pionts and how is the blade made like supreme of vapor??? what stick is it like more total one of APX????

    1. Matt Avatar

      The stick is supposed to have what is called a G3 flex profile. I’m told it will flex more like a wooden stick rather than having a low or mid kickpoint. Pro players have been using this profile for a number of years now.

  5. Nick Avatar

    will the stick then premiere with the other gear?

  6. Nick Avatar

    and also will there be pants!?

  7. Adam Avatar

    why all black sticks they should make an all white or another color

    1. bobby Avatar

      IKR WOULD LOOK WAY BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nick Avatar

    Pants? Gloves?

    1. Matt Avatar

      No pants or gloves, but it looks like the 4-Roll gloves might eventually get rolled into the Nexus line

  9. Jason Avatar

    Matt, Can you tell us any details about the nexus skate line?

  10. j Avatar

    will the stick be like the apx?

  11. j Avatar

    matt, will the stick be similar to the vapor apx?

  12. nik Avatar

    when do the skates come out matthew?

    1. Matt Avatar

      The Nexus 1000 skates will be available in October while the rest of the line will be available in June.

    2. brody Avatar


  13. Evan Avatar

    hey matt. it there any projected price on the shoulder pads and stick?? thanks man

  14. brody Avatar

    What does it mean by “Traditional” fit . And also how much money will the stick cost.

  15. Argel Avatar

    when is the bauer nexus stick coming out?

  16. bobby Avatar

    think its late may or early june

  17. Alex Avatar

    Matt , how much will this stick cost

  18. DRIZZI Avatar

    is the g3 mid or low is nexus suposed to be like a new line, like is it a third to the vapor and supreme and does anyone know what the newest stick with mid kick will be?

    1. Matt Avatar

      Nexus is a whole new line. I think you’ll be happy with the new stick. Check out our full article about it to learn more about its tru-mid flex profile

  19. Dalton Avatar

    hey does any body know the weight of the senior stick.

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