Reebok 20k Hockey Stick

At this point, we’ve all seen the upcoming Reebok 20k skates. But now, thanks to HWB reader Anthony, we now have our first glimpse at the upcoming Reebok 20k hockey stick. He spotted the new Reebok 20k stick in a video where Matt Duchene talks about how he tapes his stick. At about the 22 second mark of the video, you can see the 20k stick hanging out next to Duchene, in the top right corner of the video. Anthony took a screenshot of the stick for us, which you can see below. You can take a look at the full video below as well.

Update 2/29/12: David Perron of the St. Louis Blues will be using the new Reebok 20k stick for the first time tonight against the Oilers. Take a look at the picture below that Perron took of the new 20k stick and tweeted to his followers.

We think the Reebok 20k hockey stick looks pretty nice, what do you guys think?

Reebok 20k Hockey Stick

Reebok 20k Hockey Stick
Reebok 20k Hockey Stick





25 responses to “Reebok 20k Hockey Stick”

  1. 91 Avatar

    when will it be released?

  2. roger Avatar

    Is there a reebok 20k hocking stick coming out if so when

    1. Matt Avatar

      Look for it in the fall, around October

      1. blake Avatar

        thanks for replying but that is a bumber i wont be able to use it for spring hockey . i want to get a custom curve any recomendations?

        1. bobby Avatar

          clutterbuck its sick

  3. bob Avatar

    why is the easton mako and bauer nexus 1000 coming out in june

    1. bobby Avatar

      mako is coming out this saturday im getting one

  4. bob Avatar

    and this coming out in october

  5. Chris Avatar

    This is sick, i will swap out my apx for this any day

  6. bob Avatar

    the mako and nexus 1000 sticks areway better then this

  7. Chris Avatar

    I don’t know this look pretty nice, i like the mako too though

  8. Michael Avatar

    Will get this or the mako.

    1. blake Avatar

      get the 20 k

  9. blake Avatar

    when is this coming out if you now please comment i would love to get this for my birth day in the summer for next season and for spring hockey.

  10. blake Avatar

    Or reply

    1. blake Avatar

      it is coming out in the fall

  11. Kyle Avatar

    will there be 20k equipment? or will there be equipment next year?

  12. bobby Avatar

    why is every company putting a sandpaper/shark skin blade on there stick and some companys way over do the shark skin coat on the blade like on the mako, i noticed that ever sience the apx had the sand paper blade now everyone does

    used to be a fan on the shark skin blade but now im not

  13. bobby Avatar

    dont want to sound like a hater but i was just trying to get some moderation

    but 20 k looks sick!!!

  14. bobby Avatar

    kinda looks like a 11k

  15. raph Avatar

    When it is gonna be in store ?

  16. Logan Avatar

    How much

  17. will Avatar

    i think sept 15th

  18. JACOB Avatar

    this stick is not very good i got this stick early becuz i have a friend who works for reebok and soon as i got i taped then went on my step and took a loittle snap shot and it snapped right in half DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT.

  19. Patrick Avatar

    Getting it in a couple weeks

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