Reebok 20k Ice Hockey Skates

The all new Reebok 20k ice hockey skates aren’t scheduled for release until April 2012, but we have a sneak peek below. The Reebok 20k skates will continue to use the Reebok pump technology, as well as the lace-lock system. The skate looks real sharp in black and shades of grey, with a much more subtle Reebok symbol on the boot that blends in nicely with the color scheme.

Reebok’s 20k skates will use a new Dynamic Support System, or DSS, to help maximize power transfer. This is done by creating an optimal balance between boot flexibility and stiffness. This will effectively take place in two areas on the boot, the spinal zone and the flexion zone. In the spinal zone, the heel and back of the skate, composite fibers were wrapped at ninety degree and zero degree angles to support the players heel and help keep it in place. In the flexion zone, the composite fibers were placed at a forty-five degree angle to help enhance forward flex as the player takes each stride. To help further increase energy transfer, as well as improve durability, Reebok has reinforced the Reebok 20k quarter package with metal mesh.

As I previously mentioned, the Reebok 20k skates will utilize Reebok’s Pump technology. The Pump has been used for several Reebok skate releases now, and is still considered by many to be more of a gimmick or source of frustration. When functioning properly, the pump should work to fill gaps between the skates padding and the players ankles, thus creating a better fit and helping to keep your foot locked in place.

Another new feature to the Reebok 20k skates is the flexible tendon guard. It is designed to improve agility by giving the skater a greater range of motion. This is something Bauer has done on their Supreme skates for some time now, but only recently has it become more widely adopted.

Quickly running through the remainder of the specs on the new Reebok 20k skates, you’ll find the quarter package is still constructed of Reebok’s Pro Armour IV materials. It contains strategically reinforced areas which will provide additional support and stability. The dual zone liner will be part tacky nash and part clarino. The tacky nash will help keep the foot locked in place, while the clarino will help keep the foot dry. Reebok’s 20k skate will continue to use a combination of pro felt and EPE foam to create a tongue which is comfortable and provides good protection. The outsole on the Reebok 2ok skates will be lightweight carbon, and low-profile as well. The carbon will help maximize energy transfer, and the addition of vents in the outsole will help keep the foot dry.

What are your thoughts on the new Reebok 20k ice hockey skates?

Reebok 20k Ice Hockey Skates
Reebok 20k Ice Hockey Skates

Reebok 20k Skates
Reebok 20k Skates


  1. My buddy plays over in italy and goes through 3 pairs of skates a year. The crazy part is, he only plays 50 games a season. Not very reliable. Will see if the 20k are any better. If it was me, i’d buy the Bauer APX or Total One’s. Much more reliable.

  2. How can i get a pair…. ive been wearing the 11k’s for 2 years (3 pairs within that time frame)…. I NEED THEM.. HOW COULD I GET THEM


  3. I would be easier to buy the total ones or the APXs instead of the reebok 11ks if the APXs and total ones werent $799.99!

  4. how are these skates going to be in terms of width, i currently have total ones sized 6 EEE will this be of similar width or the same??? p.s. the skates i currently own are customed

    • It’s looking like the 20k skates will retail for $799.99 in the US. Warranty will most likely be the standard skate warranty.

  5. will they come with the scaloped blade or the solid steel because you’d think theyed come with the top reebok steel not seen in the pics

  6. Not gonna lie.. looks like another piece of reebok trash. These should proudly carry on the title of worst fitting skate in the industry. Cross layered composite fibers to lock the heel? How about using a 2 piece quarter construction to create a heel pocket instead of just stuffing the achilles channel with padding? Oh, I forgot, that would raise their overseas margin’s by .10 cents a pair..

    • First of all, 11Ks were not made overseas….anyone who knows skates is aware of that. Secondly, a lot of single piece quarter skates have great heel pockets, I know people who LOVE the fit of Reebok skates and others who HATE it. It all comes down to personal preference or the shape of your feet. Educate yourself before making stupid comments.

      Thank you

  7. Hopefully these will last a little longer than the 11K’s did. Two pairs of 11k’s split open at the Reebok logo.

  8. What is the difference between the 2 models— 20K’s and 18K’s————–??
    I had 11K’s and the boot cracked……without receiving any type of shot…..

    Need to know difference between 2 new skates…

  9. I don’t know for sure but I imagine the difference between the 18k and 20k is the same difference between the 10k and11k which is weight (11k were slightly lighter) and where they are made (11k were made in Canada directly)

  10. These skates would look and be much better without the pump the pose a problem and I think that ontop of all that the pump probably ads weight as well. As someone who has played hockey for 15 years I would be willing to bet that if they removed the pump and upgraded the liner to something along the lines of what bauer has done they would sell a tremendous amount more.

  11. My son has always worn CCM and wants to try the Reebok skates. Does anyone forse any issues with that change? Also, what is the major difference bewtween the 11k and 20k junior skates?

  12. Got the 20k’s in white. Love them so far. Similar in weight to the 11ks, but I had to switch the holders to Tuuks with ls2 blades.

  13. I have a pr of 9k’s and play once in a while since I had them(3-4 yrs) .The toe cracked and separated at bottom and side. Skates at that price should not”break”. Reebok is an inferior product and will go back to CCM or Bauer. This outfit should stick to a product they know best.

  14. I previously skated CCM, but this year I decided to try Reebok. I’ve skated approximately 60 games in the 12K. Overall a pretty solid intermediate skate. Getting a little soft now, so I’m upgrading to the 16K. The retailer I buy from has the 16K for roughly $180 now. At that price, this is probably one of the best skates you can find. The boot is HIGHLY adjustable to someone with a wider foot and the break in time isn’t bad. The boot is stiff, but as with the 12K I imagine it will soften a bit in time. Overall I’d rate comfort an 8 and performance an 8.

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