Bauer Vapor APX Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads

April 2012 will mark the release of the latest line of protective gear from Bauer Hockey. Below we have a great shot of the brand new Bauer Vapor APX gloves, APX shoulder pads, APX shin guards and APX elbow pads. The Bauer Vapor APX line of protective gear will pick up right where the X60 line left off, adding some new features as well.

Bauer’s Vapor APX glove has a great design to it, and looks like it will be a popular item. It’s going to provide a more snug fit than a 4-roll style glove, but still provide a bit of extra space for your hand. The APX shin guards and elbow pads look to carry a narrow profile, but still offer all of the protection you would expect in a pro level piece of equipment.

The Bauer APX shoulder pads, along with the shin guards and elbow pads, carry a very clean look. The various tones of grey, white and black go together very nicely, and the red accents add an excellent element of design to make them pop. Of course design isn’t everything, especially on protective equipment, and the APX series is sure to come up clutch where it really matters, protection.

Take a look at the new Bauer Vapor APX gloves, shoulder pads, shin gaurds and elbow pads below and let us know what you think. Is the Vapor APX line their best one yet?

Bauer Vapor APX Gloves, Shin Guards, Shoulder Pads and Elbow Pads
Bauer Vapor APX Gloves, Shin Guards, Shoulder Pads and Elbow Pads


16 responses to “Bauer Vapor APX Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads”

  1. nick Avatar

    What about APX pants?

  2. Nick Avatar

    Are there going to be APX pants?

    1. Nick Avatar

      there is look on hockeymoney

  3. Cowboy Carl Avatar
    Cowboy Carl

    yeah buddy!

  4. kevin Avatar

    i think everything but the gloves look like a peice of crab they look like a really low end model of gear the gloves look sick though

  5. kevin Avatar


  6. kevin Avatar

    are the gloves supose to be like the X:60 pro’s???? they look like it

  7. jaden Avatar

    i think the apx gloves are sick i have the skates and stick n they r awsome

  8. jaden Avatar

    but i hope there r pants 2

  9. bob Avatar

    when is the nxg stick coming out and are the apx gloves coming out in red blue white

  10. Chicago seo specialist Avatar

    How about othe vapor lines? Is there going to be x7.0, x5.0, and etc?

  11. wilde Avatar

    When did they come out ??????????

  12. Cowboy Carl Avatar
    Cowboy Carl


  13. brody Avatar

    will there be the NXG gear

  14. matthew Avatar

    i cant find any apx gloves where is some i could find ??

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