Miken MV5 Pro Radial Hockey Stick Review 2

Miken Hockey has given Hockey World Blog a stick to review. Despite being discontinued as newer twigs have come out such as the Miken Razor Z9, the stick is still able to be found in some stores at a reduced rate. Here is an updated review.

Stick: Miken MV5 Pro Radial

Weight: 488 grams

Curve/Lie: BP 40 (Easton Zetterberg, Bauer PM9, Reebok P34, and Warrior Savard)

Flex: 100

Price: $199.99 original price, $160-ish at Inline Warehouse


Although the new stick designs are coming out with a white-out finish on the bottom third of the stick, the matted black finish with red lettering and grey and white accents still is pretty eye-catching. The decals have held up well against the two-handers and shots, leaving the stick to look almost as good as new.


The Miken MV5 Radial has taken some time to get used to. Feel, stiffness, etc… But I can say my learning process has ended and now I’m overall happy with the end product.

The stick was eventually cut down to the right size providing better stick-handling, all that goes well with the BP-40 curve. The round, slightly open blade allows for some pretty decent toe drags.

Passing seems to be pretty spot on, although making a high saucer pass does take some practice. The open toe leaves pucks coming off on an angle that is sometimes hard to collect for the target. Wrist shots follows the same pattern, coming of a bit wobbly instead of a solid shot. On the bright side, this all is mere player capability. Sure I’m an alright hockey player so some may be a bit cautious, but truth be, if I had my choice I would have chosen a different curve and all would be perfect.

The shafts low kick point is still kicking slappers without any loss of flex. This is good, however it does seem the breaking in takes a little longer time than previous sticks I have used. So a few more slapshots are needed a game, who’s complaining? Well, maybe the goalies as they go whizzing by.


My initial concerns for durability have speedily faded. The toe has seen better days as there was a little opening that happened early on. Since though, the stick has not seen any more wear, even to the toe. I’m quite surprised as I did expect it to slowly break down and leaving me with a stick looking like one of those party favor clappers. Instead I am left with a one piece that feels indestructible.

Ending Notes:

I’ve played with the MV5 for over 3 months now on a constant basis. I have been quite pleased with the performance, with the ability to hit players at full speed with passes with relative ease. Wrist shots have seen better days but that is merely because of the blade itself. Slap-shots on the other side are still as strong as ever and accurate too with the dependable shaft. Speaking of strong, the stick is solid, so solid I don’t even carry a back-up most nights. It is made in America for all those looking to support the homeland (depending where you are from), as well as a good price point for the product. I would recommend picking up a Miken MV5 Radial and giving it a shot, just make sure you pick the blade of your preference.

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