Easton Stealth RS Protective Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Shin Guards

Along with the Easton Stealth RS Pants, we now have a great glimpse at the rest of the Stealth RS protective line, including Stealth RS shoulder pads, Stealth RS elbow pads and the Stealth RS shin guards. Easton has maintained the all black look for the new Stealth RS protective line, with yellow accents to go along with it. The new Easton logo is prominent on each piece of equipment, as they continue to enhance their brand with new gear.

Just like the Easton Stealth RS pants, the Stealth RS shoulder pads are going to be really light and are designed to provide the player with maximum mobility while wearing them. The adjustable bicep protectors will help to give you more range of motion when moving. The Stealth RS shoulder pads will also be using griptec to help keep the pads from shifting and moving around during and after collisions.

Easton’s Stealth RS shin guards look a little more on the narrow side, for players that prefer a lean shin guard over a bulky one. The Sling Tec technology will help to keep your shin distanced from the point of impact on the shin guard, while a removable liner will keep your lower legs comfortable. Like the rest of the line, expect these guys to be on the light and mobile side as well.

With the Stealth RS elbow pads, look for more of the same. You’re going to get a light, comfortable elbow pad that will provide great protection by dispersing impact over the entire pad.

Take a look at the Easton Stealth RS protective line below and let us know your thoughts. Will you be purchasing any of these in the near future?

Update: The new Easton Stealth RS protective shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards are all available now at Pure Hockey. Check out the Stealth RS protective line today and use the coupon code HOCKEYWORLD to save 10% on select items!

Easton Stealth RS Shoulder Pads
Easton Stealth RS Shoulder Pads
Easton Stealth RS Shin Guards
Easton Stealth RS Shin Guards
Easton Stealth RS Elbow Pads
Easton Stealth RS Elbow Pads


2 responses to “Easton Stealth RS Protective Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Shin Guards”

  1. 91 Avatar

    elbow and shoulder pads are gunna be allll mine 😉

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Don’t get the RS shoulder pads!! I’ve had two pairs and both of them have cracked within 3 weeks of use.

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