Ice Hockey Holiday Gift Guide – 2011

The holidays are almost upon us once again. With just under two weeks until Christmas, you’re running out of time to get the hockey player in your life some of the best gear available. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of our favorite ice hockey items into our 2011 gift guide to help you with decision making.

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High EndBauer APX – This is Bauer’s most advanced skate ever, and carries a top end price tag as you might expect. With a great design and incredible comfort, how can you go wrong? The APX features form-fit foam ankle pads, form-fit 3 tongue, and an abrasion resistant metatarsal guard. It’s also going to have a full thermoformable upper, a vented composite outsole, and a liner that’s great at wicking away moisture. It the foot fits, you seriously can’t go wrong with this high performance machine. Pick up the Bauer APX skates now at Pure Hockey for $799.99.

Budget FriendlyCCM U+ 10 – These have been my go to skates for the better part of a year now, and there isn’t a single bad thing I can say about them. The skate is comfortable, light, and can perform as well as higher end skates. The boot on the U+ 10’s has remained stiff throughout use, and continues to impress me with each skate. You can definitely feel the energy transfer from your foot through the boot, just like you would expect with a higher end skate. Fortunately, the CCM U+ 10 skates only run $299, which is a great deal for that kind of lasting performance. Grab the CCM U+ 10 at Pure Hockey for only $299.99.


High End: Reebok Ai9 – Just like we noted in our inline hockey holiday guide, the Reebok Ai9 is the top end stick to have this holiday season. Through our experience so far, the Ai9 has provided just as much pop as a Stealth RS, and has been more durable. Both the Stealth RS and Bauer APX cost more, so why not save yourself some money and go for the sure thing. You can buy the Reebok Ai9 stick at Pure Hockey for $239.99.

Budget Friendly: Bauer X4.0 – If the person on your shopping list still needs great performance out of a stick, but you don’t want to spend too much, look into the Bauer X4.0. You’re going to have to sacrifice on weight a little bit, so expect a stick over 500 grams. But in the end, you’ll get a stick that has Bauer’s intelli-sense shot technology, double concave shaft walls, and of course will provide great control, puck feel, and shot accuracy. Pick up the Bauer X4.0 stick from Pure Hockey for only $99.99.


High End: Easton E700 – This is the first helmet to come in a matte finish, you can choose either black or white. The black matte looks incredibly stealthy out on the ice, and it will feel like you’re wearing nothing. The great part is, with a helmet that light, you don’t have to sacrifice protection at all. Easton’s new Giro inspired fit system will provide the comfort while its crush resistant properties and PC shell will keep your melon fully protected. Easton’s R&D team put a lot of work into this new design, and the results are exceptional. Easton’s E700 can be purchased at Pure Hockey for $149.99.

Budget: None – You’re going to spend all sorts of money on sticks and skates, but skimp on the piece of equipment that protects your head from serious injury? I don’t think so. If the Easton E700 isn’t for you, look into the Bauer 9900 or Reebok 11k.


High End: Bauer 4 Roll – This glove is one of the best around, offering great protection with a traditional 4 roll style. These gloves are designed to give your hand some additional space for moving around, and the thermo max liner will keep your hand dry all game long. The soft clarino nash palm will provide a great feel for the stick in your hands, and will be much more durable than the palms you find on other gloves. Pick up the Bauer 4 Roll gloves at Pure Hockey for $109.99.

Budget: Bauer One60 – It’s hard to go wrong with a Bauer product, no matter what it is. The One60 gloves were designed to fit a lot closer to your hand, but still provide great mobility. This glove is great for beginners and advanced players alike, giving the player a great feel for the stick and virtually no break-in time. Grab a pair of the Bauer One60 gloves at Pure Hockey for only $79.99.

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