Bauer RX 10 Senior Goalie Stick Review: First Impressions

I was looking to upgrade the stick I use in goal. I had never used a composite goalie stick, as I have always used wood sticks. My previous stick was a Sher-Wood 7000R that I have had for several years, dating back to 2005. I had never had a goalie stick from Bauer or Reebok, but what sold be on this particular stick was a feature I had never seen before on a goalie stick: a flat (vs. concave) paddle.

The best goalie stick made by Bauer, the RX 10 is different than most other goalie sicks for several reasons.

Stick: Bauer RX 10 Senior Composite Goalie Stick

Flex: P31

Lie: 14

Face: Open

Toe: Round

Length: 27.5″

Price: $239.99 at Pure Hockey


Very slick looking aesthetics. It mostly has a matte/dull finish in white/grey/black. It is shiny in the areas where there is a lot of grip. Those areas would be where the shaft meets the paddle and midway up the shaft. I like the dull finish because it allows me to easily slide my right hand to the top to aid in poke-checking and shooting. If the rest of your gear is black, white, or shades of grey this stick will blend in with the rest of your pads.


Have not used the stick, considering I just received it. I can tell you that I am anxious and excited to compare the response and feel of a composite stick. The Bauer stick is slightly longer and feels lighter than my Sher-Wood stick. I’m looking forward to seeing how it absorbs shots along the front-facing paddle. I spoke with a salesman at the local hockey store and he compared the flat-front to a blocker or leg pad in the way it easily deflects shots to the corner.
What Bauer Says:

The stick is designed for the hybrid style of goalie. The 27.5″ length is designed for more upright goalies because of the regular lie and longer paddle. The open curve will help goalies who shoot the puck often increase puck control and raise the puck quicker. Flat front geometry improves rebound control, balance and reduces weight.

Ending Notes:

I have used the stick twice in our weekly skate. It has a good feel to it. I like the way it deflects shots with the flat paddle. As a goalie that tends to play the puck more than most, I like the way it shoots the puck. I am able to get  a lot of torque on the stick and can lift the puck off the ice easily. I’m able to play the puck off the glass much easier and quicker than my previous stick.

Check back in the coming months as I use the stick and put it through regular wear-and-tear.

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