Cascade M11 Pro Helmet

Many of you may have heard about, or potentially even saw, Mark Messier wearing a new helmet during the Winter Classic Alumni Game. In fact, we’ve even received several emails regarding the new bucket. To help you guys out, we did some digging on the new Cascade M11 Pro helmet, and came across a press release from The Messier Project which may answer some of your initial questions. Read on below for the full press release about the M11 Pro helmet.

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (December 31, 2011) – The Messier Project, a collaboration between hockey icon Mark Messier and the head protection experts at Cascade Sports, today announced the launch of the M11 PRO, a new evolution of the brand’s game-changing M11 hockey helmet. Built around Cascade Sports’ revolutionary Seven Technology, the M11 PRO’S new, streamlined design, aggressive styling and enhanced features offers the same advanced protection and now pro-level performance. The M11 PRO made its on-ice debut during the Winter Classic Alumni Game on Dec. 31 as Messier wore the new helmet during the outdoor game; it will hit store shelves in January.

The Messier Project’s M11 helmet has revolutionized head protection since its release in 2009. Like the M11, the M11 PRO features Cascade Sports’ Seven Technology, a revolutionary impact attenuation liner system designed to more effectively manage energy transfer from direct impact. On impact, Seven Technology compresses to laterally displace energy and within seconds, it completely resets to ready for the next impact. Hockey is a multiple impact sport. Seven Technology is proven to have total material reset and performs better than EPP on successive impacts*.

Today, more than 650 hockey teams and associations across North America wear – and trust – the M11. The M11 PRO is a direct response to feedback from The Messier Project community over the past two years and offers the same, advanced protection as the M11 in a new, sleek, streamlined design for elite performance.

“I’m excited and proud to wear the new M11 PRO at the Alumni Game on Saturday,” said six-time Stanley Cup Champion Mark Messier. “I’ve long said that when it comes to protection in the sport of hockey, the helmet is an athlete’s most vital piece of equipment. The Messier Project’s rapid growth over the past two years is a testament to the fact that priorities in our sport are finally starting to change. Though we still have a long way to go, I believe the new M11 PRO is another step in the right direction.”

So what do you think? Will this new helmet stand a chance against the other new helmets from Bauer and Easton? Check out Mark Messier sporting the new M11 Pro helmet in the photo below and drop us a line in the comments to let us know what you think of the new lid.

Cascade M11 Pro Helmet
Cascade M11 Pro Helmet


  1. They sell them locally here in Fargo, ND and I have seen a few kids wearing them. They are pretty spendy (over $125 for a kids helmet) but if the “Seven” technology truly helps with impacts that lead to concussions I can see them taking off. Funny how people will spend $200 on a new stick, $500 on skates but want to spend $50 on a helmet.

  2. I have this helmet, and it’s super comfortable! I always recommend to spend the most possible on a helmet, because that’s the most important piece of equipment to protect the most important parts of your body.

  3. Agreed.
    Funny how people will spend $$ on a stick and then go cheap on a helmet.
    My kid got an M11 when they first came out. Now three years later it is time for a new one, and we will get the new M11 PRO.
    While nothing can prevent concussions, these helmets will reduce the severity of damage. I haven’t seen the other companies try to copy the seven technology yet. Too bad.
    Thank you Mr. Messier.

  4. i think what they did is a great idea and along with the new re-akt from bauer will change the helmets for good but cascade and mark messier need to come up with something that doesnt look so hideous. people aren’t buying them just because they look like they are going to space when they wear it.

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